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Thursday, December 21, 2017

I found this cartoon put up by The Humanist Association of Las Vegas...and while thinking about all the different winter holidays, we may celebrate differently, but they for the most part come back to a time when our ancestors needed to remember that the sun would come again. That the longest night presages the shortening of them, the lengthening again of days toward summer. It must have seemed less certain, once upon a time when there was no to click on, no Farmer's Almanac predicting the coming season, only the fact that the sun did return the last year and hopefully would again.

And...of course that makes me philosophical and think when things are tough, they are likely to get better again. People are resilient that way. So many of the characters in our stories are testimony to the losses a person can endure and still come back to joy and life again.  This month, I joined another author, Ever Coming, in a new name, Lorelei M. Hart and we wrote a second chance story called Christmas With His Omega . Mpreg a new genre for me but since I love writing any kind of relationship, it was so much fun, both from learning about the guys in this story to sharing the writing with another author. I've not done that often, but it is a pleasure. In our story, two men who had no idea they'd ever see one another again were presented with the opportunity to pick up where they left off, but in a very different part of life. And with a baby on the way, conceived in a most unusual way. Not that there's anything about mpreg that's ordinary and I think that's a lot of the fun of writing, and reading it.

As we get through the end of the holiday season, I hope yours is wonderful, and that we all avoid succumbing to the pressures they can engender and just enjoy. I wish you the love of family and friends, the kindness of strangers, and as the days again begin to get longer, I am already planning my garden for spring. I think I'm going to grow some beets.  And pumpkins. Which makes me think of the coming fall and realize how fast time passes!

Since this is my last blog here for the year, I want to thank you all for your support and wish you a fabulous 2018!

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Melissa Keir said...

Happy Holidays Kate! :)

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