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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Looking For A Fun Christmas Present? #Children's_Books #RB4U #melissa_keir

Fun Children's Books for the Child at Heart

Hello and welcome back to another installment of Melissa's musings. I drop in each month to share some insights into writing or life in general. Please feel free to comment and share.

As a teacher, there's nothing more fun than sharing a book with students. Even older students can fall in love with a picture book. They are wonderful for lessons on life as well as great discussion points on an author's trade. 

Today, I want to share with you four of my latest favorites. These would make wonderful gifts for the children in your life as well as for yourself!

Chicken of the Family is a book that all children with siblings can relate to. Poor Henrietta, her sisters tease her and set out to convince her she is really a chicken. Anyone with siblings has felt the sting of their sharp words, but it's the message about being yourself, no matter what that resonates with kids. The author, Mary Amato also plays with "chicken" words. 

Another wonderful book is Have I Got a Book For You. As authors, we have to "sell" our books and ourselves. Salesman, Mr. Al Foxword, has a variety of tools to sell his book to you, from reviews to recommendations. This book has a tongue in cheek style which will appeal to older students but makes a great book to teach about persuasion. While most children are skilled at trying to persuade Mom and Dad to stop for candy, they don't know how to put it into words and this book shows one way.

Be Quiet are words that all children have heard at least once in their lives. In this case, Rupert has decided to create a wonderful picture book without words. However, his friends come to help and chaos ensues. Sometimes when friends want to help, it ends up being more of a problem. This book makes a wonderful discussion point for dealing with conflict situations as well as getting along. 

Finally, my current favorite book is That is Not A Good Idea. The amazing children's author Mo Willems tells a story right out of the classic big bad wolf style where a hungry fox tries to trick a goose into dinner. This story has a twist that no one will see coming, but the author does very clearly show the reader what will happen if they only pay attention. I love going back and pointing it out to the students and it blows their minds. This is a wonderful example of tricks an author can do to show what will happen as well as what readers pick up based on their own knowledge.

And for those older (*cough*) readers, I have a wonderful holiday box set which features the final story in my Wilder Sisters series, Holiday Homecoming. Just look at that cover...wouldn't you love to find that Santa putting out presents for you?

Brighten this holiday season with seven stories from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Grab a cup of your favorite cocoa, coffee or tea, a holiday treat and settle in with the authors from More Christmas Lovin’ for a festive holiday read.

Santa for Christmas by Lisa Kumar
A sexy elf who hates everything about Christmas is forced to be Santa and must go into the seething heart of humanity—the abode of a beautiful single mother and her child in order to save them.

An EverAfter Christmas by K.S. Thomas 
Sailor Belle is no stranger to adventure, so being stranded in a blizzard three days before her wedding, is not about to stop her from marrying the man of her dreams. But then, as the obstacles keep coming, she clings to her last hope - it’s the season for miracles, and she may need one to get her EverAfter Christmas.

Holiday Homecoming by Melissa Keir
Two broken hearts mend as love blossoms, but when danger comes calling, can the two loners learn to rely on each other or will they lose all they have found?

Mistletoe & Ashes by RaeAnne Hadley
Tiffany knew the threats of being a firefighter on the Hot Shots team. She embraced the heat and the danger but she could have never predicted that her heart and her mind would be in peril. Could a Christmas miracle save her or would she end up as ashes?

Seduction at the Christmas Court by Jenna Jaxon
Lord and Lady Longford have journeyed to the Christmas Court of King Edward III to wait upon the king and take part in some Yuletide merriment. When Geoffrey is suddenly called to war, and rumors of his death arise, Alyse fends off an old suitor who wants to renew their friendship. But how long will he take “No” for an answer?

All I Want For Christmas by Deb Julienne 
Who knew one little boy’s Christmas wish could change so many lives?

The Christmas Fantasy by D’Ann Lindun
Widower Christian Vega believes he’ll never find true love again, until an actress catches his eye. But she’s way out of this cowboy’s league. Hope Snowden swears to never date another out-of-work actor again. Then she falls for a cowboy-turned-stuntman. Is it love, or just a Christmas fantasy? 

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Thank you for stopping by today and reading about my latest favorite children's books. Do you have one of your own? I'm always on the search for some new wonderful books to share with my students!

Until Next Month!

Melissa Keir


Tina Donahue said...

Love all your selections - those for children and your new boxed set. Lots of reading to enjoy this holiday season. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Your selections of children's books sound great. Wish I had a child to buy for. Love the cover of your new boxed set. Yes, I'd definitely like him under my Christmas tree. The stories sound terrific.

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you Tina and Cara. I think I still buy children's books because I can always share them at schools where I teach. Thanks for commenting!

Judy Baker said...

I too love Children's books, especially those with pictures. I still have books I saved that I bought form my children, thirty years ago! I can't bring myself to get rid of them.

Paris said...

Thanks for your wonderful recommendations! You've helped with my shopping list:)

Melissa Keir said...

I am the same way Judy. I even have acquired some books which were at my grandmother's house when I was a child. :)

I'm glad I could help Paris. :)

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