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Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's National Doughnut Day!

I don't know about you but any day that celebrates one of my favorite treats can't be all bad. Now, I have to admit that I've reached an age where I can't just scarf down a glazed doughnut with a cup of coffee and call it breakfast, but I will tell you that I dearly miss being able to do just that!

Some claim that Dutch settlers brought doughnuts to North America, along with apple pie and a few other fabulous goodies, but then wouldn't you know it, Hanson Gregory, an American claimed to invent them in 1847. Hanson may or may not have ever owned a cookbook but 16 year old boys are notoriously inventive when it comes to snacks, so he may have thought no one had ever mixed up such an exotic treat. Who knows? Who cares?

I think every culture has their own take on many dishes. Show me one that doesn't claim one form of this delicious confection. We all work with what we are given and if you happen to have enough oil for frying, some flour, baking powder, or yeast, depending on the recipe, a couple of eggs and some sugar, you have the makings for one of the world's most consumed snacks.

My husband knows the way to my heart on Sunday morning is a warm, glazed doughnut, and a cup of coffee. I still make breakfast, and the doughnuts are on the small side, so I don't feel too guilty. My sister, on the other hand happens to love Ricotta Doughnuts.

I have yet to make them, because I would probably eat all 45 that this recipe I'm leaving you with today, makes. I know danger when I see it, and these sound too delicious to pass up. Plus they're small, and to my mind qualify as a doughnut hole, so a couple probably wouldn't hurt. Sorry there's no photo, but I'm sure your imaginations will more than make up for the lack of one!


Shortening or canola oil for frying
1 1/2 c. unbleached all-purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
3 eggs
1 lemon, grated zest only
1/2  c. sugar
1/2 lb. ricotta cheese
XXX sugar for dusting


1) Pre-heat shortening or oil in deep fryer to 190 (375). Line a baking sheet with paper towels.
2) In a bowl, combine flour and baking powder. Set aside.
3) In another bowl, beat eggs, lemon zest and sugar with an electric mixer for about 1 minute, until frothy. Add ricotta and mix thoroughly. With a spatula, gently fold in dry ingredients until batter is just moistened.
4) With a smal (1T.) cookie scoop, gently drop 8 balls of batter at a time in hot oil. Beware of splattering. Fry for 2 or 3 minutes, or until doughnuts are golden brown. Drain on paper towel and allow to cool.
5) To serve, generously dust with powdered sugar.

***Doughnuts are best eaten at room temperature and ideally, the same day.

No problem.

How about you? What's your favorite doughnut?

Since this is my day to blog for November, I'd like to take this time to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Paris Brandon


Melissa Keir said...

My mom used to deep fry refrigerator biscuits and they were just like donuts! Krispy Kreames are my favorite but that's because they are simply delicious!

Cara Marsi said...

Paris, thanks for the history of doughnuts. Your recipe sounds great. I may try it. My maternal grandmother made her own doughnuts. I still remember her dropping the dough into hot oil.

Tina Donahue said...

I'm all for celebrating donuts - especially jelly ones. :)

Melissa: We used to do the same with biscuits to make impromptu donuts.

Paris said...

We used to do the same thing only in those days, I had hot chocolate with mine! I adore Krispy Kreames :)

Paris said...


There's something very comforting about the scent of doughnuts frying. Add that to a lovely memory and it's a plus! I don't make them so much anymore, but I also don't live 25 miles from the nearest vendor anymore, either :)

Paris said...


I do love a good jelly doughnut!

jean hart stewart said...

I couldn't possibly pick my favorite doughnut. but I'm currently limiting myself to doughnut holes to cut down the calories. Moderation comes to all of us, sad to say.

Judy Baker said...

I'm with you, I love the plain glazed donuts - even better when warm.

Paris said...


I love doughnut holes! Have you tried the pumpkin spice ones? They're seasonal and I always treat myself to some, this time of year.

Paris said...


Yes! Warm glazed doughnuts are the best :)

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