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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Two Reckless Hearts in the brand new #TROPICALTRYST Boxed Set #Preorder #RB4U @hollycortelyou

Super excited to have a Tropical Tryst author to the blog. Please give a big RB4U welcome and lots of love to today's guest!


Hey! I’m Holly Cortelyou, and I write small town, contemporary romances as well as supernatural and paranormal romances. I love it sweet, and I love it steamy…and at the end of the day, I just gotta have my happy-ever-after!

My latest novella, Two Reckless Hearts, will be debuting in the TROPICAL TRYST boxed set that releases on August 1st ( 

It’s been a blast writing an enemies-to-lovers story set on a lush tropical island, deep in the Caribbean. I dreamed of silky, blue waters and the sexy beat of steel drums the whole time I was writing Jami and Beck’s battle to love.

On my average writing day, you will find me in my little office with the white French doors, with a silver lab puppy napping on her giant Costco bed, and my Maine Coon kitty sprawled on my keyboard. Between fighting for my chair with the cat and fluffballs floating through the air, I sip on black coffee all morning and type away.

My favorite quotation and writing inspiration is from C. Ara Campbell -- "Here's to the girl who read the compass written on the walls of her heart and follows the North Star etched upon her Spirit."

But, in case you think I’m all woo-woo and starry eyed, I learned how to drive a semi-tractor trailer in order to "catch" my man!  LOL!

Please come find me on the web (and snag a free book) at:
Luv ‘n hugs,
Holly Cortelyou

…Always Dare to Love!

Two Reckless Hearts
Two Reckless Hearts is one of 25 brand new sexy romances in the Tropical Tryst Boxed Set. Escape with us to a hot and tropical setting for only 99 cents. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released Aug. 1. 

Buy links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble  
Kobo | Google Play

And bonus: visit for special pre-order giveaways and join the Tropical Tryst Facebook page ( for updates and a chance to win Tropical Tryst swag!

Tropical Tryst


Cara Marsi said...

I pre-ordered my copy of Tropical Tryst. Love your quote. I can relate to having a cat sprawled across my keyboard. I have two cats who won't leave me alone when I write.

Unknown said...

Why is that we become so interesting when we're sitting at our desks? Is it just that we're clearly trying to ignore them? LOL.

Cara Marsi said...

I think that's it. They don't like being ignored.

Unknown said...

:-) We gotta love our felines!

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