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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


A member of Romance Writers of America and published since 2009, I write contemporary, paranormal, erotic and historical romance, throwing a little mystery and suspense in for good measure. Currently self-published and published with Decadent Publishing, I like nothing better than a story that contains a little mystery and a lot of romance. 

When not dreaming up stories featuring heroes who aren’t intimidated by strong heroines, I can be found haunting antique and thrift stores for unique finds, or planning a new flower garden. I live in the mid-west with my husband of many years and am currently enjoying all of the period dramas on Netflix and wondering where I can find a hat that makes me look as stylish as Miss Phryne Fisher of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.
If you're looking for something to spice up your summer reading, check out ENTICE ME!

Romance from sweet to hot from nine Romance Books ‘4’ Us authors are included in the Entice Me anthology available now for $.99 from the retailers listed below. My contribution is, I’ll Be Seeing You, a post WW2 historical romance with a paranormal twist. The collection includes stories from authors, Cara Marsi, Paris Brandon, Rose Anderson, Denyse Bridger, Gemma Juliana, Janice Seagraves, Jean Hart Stewart, Marianne Stephens and Cindy Spencer Pape and has multiple genres and heat levels. 

I’ll Be Seeing You

20th Century historical romance with a paranormal twist…

Jack Howland, part of an elite group of OSS special agents can’t resist the pull of the moon or widowed USO hostess, Lulu Lane. After the war, while chasing a Nazi war criminal, their paths cross again. Will the truth about what Jack is send Lulu screaming into the night or back into his arms?

Heat Rating: 2 chili peppers


I’ll Be Seeing You by Paris Brandon (PG)

May 1944
USO Club, Los Angeles, California

There were girls in soft summer dresses, all pink and flowery, smiling and perfumed. None of them would have turned down the handsome lieutenant. Why ask her?
She placed a hand on his solid chest. “Did somebody put you up to this? Did you lose a bet or something?”
He loosened his grip and took a deep breath right before he slid her left hand to his shoulder. When his fingers brushed over the third finger of her right hand, and detected the evidence she was a widow, he uttered a harsh, whispered word that might have been a vehement curse in another language.
“Or something,” he said very clearly, his breath warm against her ear. “Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your mind?”
“Daily. What’s that got to do with you asking me to dance?”
“What’s your name?”
“Lulu Lane. What comes after Lieutenant?” she asked, trying not to get lost in the sensation of being moved around the floor by a handsome man while people stared.
“Jack. Jack Howland,” he snapped, but then he snugged her tighter to his chest and his hand drifted over her back as if he were soothing a wound.
“Asking me to dance doesn’t seem to be making you very happy. Why did you?”
He looked as if he were losing an argument only he knew about.
“I leave in two days. I shouldn’t have spoken to you, let alone asked you to dance, because no matter what I say, it’s not going to come out right.”
“It’s not going to come out at all if you keep talking in riddles.”
He looked surprised for a moment and she was gratified that she could at least break through his maddening, mysterious behavior. “I’ve got forty-eight hours left on a three-day pass and I want to spend it with you. Clear enough for you?”
It took a few moments for what he’d said to sink in, and even then she had trouble believing him. This had to be some kind of a joke.
“You’re smart, Howland; I’ll give you that. You picked out the only wallflower in the bunch—”
“I don’t want to scare you, Lulu, but you don’t fool me. I’m glad nobody else has sense enough to see past the glasses and sensible shoes. You’re an open book for the lucky somebody willing to peel back the cover.
“I’m not looking for romance. I’m looking for forty-eight hours with someone who looked back at me the same way I was looking at them.”

Happy Reading!
Paris Brandon


Cara Marsi said...

Paris, I love your story in Entice Me, and I'm proud to be part of the set with you.

Paris said...

Thanks, Cara! I feel exactly the same way:)

Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your story in Entice Me, Paris - it was great!

I absolutely adore the cover. :)

Paris said...

Thanks, Tina! I love the cover, too!

Melissa Keir said...

Sounds like a winner! I wish you many sales.

Paris said...

Thanks, Melissa :)

jean hart stewart said...

Love the last line in your excerpt!!!!!

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