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Monday, June 26, 2017

Rebranding and Re-releasing--Discovering Desires by #MicheleZurlo

Eight years ago when I opened my email and got that first acceptance email, I was too excited to think long-term. I mean, getting your first book published is a huge deal. It's that magical foot in the door that says, "This publisher believes in my writing!"

Most small publishers offer contracts of about five years. That means three years ago, the rights of my books began to revert to me. It's when I decided to take a chance and indie-publish my Doms of the FBI series. That went well, and I've since grown to love the freedom that comes from being my own boss.

Recently rights from the first three novellas in the Safeword: Oasis series reverted to me. These were the first novellas I'd ever written--scorching tales of love that were short enough to fill an afternoon but still be satisfying. I've revised and extended these stories so that they're no longer part of the SO series. They each stand alone, and--just in time for beach reading season--they're available in a single-author anthology called Discovering Desires.

Discovering Desires contains three novellas:

Yes, Justin
After fifteen years and two kids, the romance has fled from Trish’s marriage. When a friend introduces her to BDSM, she decides it’s what she wants—to have her body and soul mastered by a man who is completely focused on her. And that’s not her husband, whose life revolves around his career.

Justin isn’t shocked when he finds out his wife is planning to cheat on him. They’ve been drifting apart for years, and he hates it. To save their marriage, he’ll carry out her kidnap fantasy, fulfill her desire to be dominated, and force her to confront the reasons she wanted to be there in the first place.

Out of My League
The reconstructive surgery that gave Mia the confidence to ask a friend to set her up with someone who resembles Kaelen didn't erase her insecurities, but she's hoping it will start healing the emotional scars she's carried for far too long.

Whenever he's around the breathtaking teaching assistant, Kaelen can't seem to keep from sticking his foot in his mouth. He'll do anything to show her that he's so much more than the incompetent graduate student he always appears to be.

When the two of them show up at the designated spot, they're both shocked to discover that Warren had granted the wish neither had the courage to make. After a mind-blowing day together, neither can find the courage to ask for more. They part ways only to end up assigned to the same room at a Caribbean resort. Will the sultry atmosphere help them both make their deepest wishes come true?

By My Side
Marcella Abbot has worked for Sean Winquist for more than a year. As his personal assistant, she manages nearly every aspect of his life. He's a Dom and she's a submissive. Through their year working together, they've become friends and colleagues, but Marcella yearns for more. She's in love with Sean, and she's frustrated that he can't see past her efficient exterior.

When Sean's submissive for a BDSM benefit show cancels unexpectedly two days before the event, Marcella jumps at the chance to take her place. Sean wants Marcella, but he's afraid to let the walls of professionalism come tumbling down and risk losing her.

What have reviewers said?

Two Lips: "Yes, Justin is a very powerful novella showing love can heal.."

The Romance Reviews: "Bondage, spanking, orgasm was all there and it was very, VERY hot. But, underneath all of that, there was a deep emotional connection between the two of them that made the sexual heat burn that much hotter."
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Please enjoy responsibly! Having a cold drink nearby is highly encouraged.
Michele Zurlo


Paris said...

I remember that rush of excitement that came with my first sale! Congratulations on the re-invention of your series. Best of luck!

jean hart stewart said...

These sound hot and wonderful.... good for you!!!!

Judy Baker said...

I too love the freedom of self-publishing and I've made more more money as a self-publisher than I ever did with traditional publishing. Best of luck.

Michele Zurlo said...

Paris and Jean--thanks

Melissa Keir said...

How wonderful for you to have them back! I love that things we think are done, aren't always done and can be a second chance. All the best with your new release!

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