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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Appeal of Sexy Beasts!

How many of you remember being advised to write what you knew? I tried that and to be perfectly honest, never felt truly comfortable trying to write the book I thought a publisher might be interested in. However, I clearly remember the day I decided to take the plunge and write what terrified me most, the erotic sex scene.

Choosing a genre wasn't difficult. I'd always loved paranormal romance and it wasn't too long before I started researching jaguars. Oh boy, reclusive loners were right up my alley, all I had to do was build them a world and give them a big old conflict. Did I mention that when I started writing, besides sex scenes, I hated conflict and always tried to resolve it too quickly?

These days, sex scenes and conflict don't terrify me and I still love writing shifters, but ASSASSIN'S KISS will always have a special place in my heart. Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite if you find sexy beasts appealing...

I’ve never been able to resist a reluctant hero or a heroine who doesn’t realize how strong she is until she’s tested. Throw in a steamy jungle, a forbidden attraction, unrelenting danger and of course some hot sex and you have the first book in the Jaguar Assassin’s series, ASSASSIN'S KISS.


"Brandon has created a detailed world and provides a well-crafted plot filled with action, danger and great characters..."
Romantic Times Book Reviews

"...Assassin's Kiss is a must read for fans of suspense, action, shifter and erotic romance genres"
 –Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"... As a rule, I usually enjoy stories of this genre and Ms. Brandon totally brings the idea to the next level"
 –Romance Junkies

Excerpt: Adult

Balancing his front paws on a splayed limb, Sebastian crouched in the notch of a low hanging tree. His growl had netted him a snarl that warned the female was ready to shred his ass. Ungrateful bitch. His vow to protect the innocent trumped his assignment to kill the rogues he’d been tracking for days before her trail had crossed theirs.

He was questioning his sanity as he watched the two young males circle the small female. Sheer determination seemed to be the only thing keeping her on her feet. He smelled her fear, and underneath it, the same pulsing desperation that clawed at his insides and begged to be answered.

He forced a low purr and jumped in front of her, barking a warning when one of them feigned a charge so the other could cut the female from his protection. She flipped around, crouching and hissing, covering his back.

Heat and confusion rippled off her in waves, calling to him as it called to the young rogues. Taking on two heat-crazed males was risky enough. Protecting a wounded female at the same time was asking for trouble he didn’t need. He was counting on ingrained behavior.

Jaguar protocol demanded that the alpha female’s death during a moon ceremony be honored. With Fontaine, the Jaguar Priest, leading them, not even rogues would leave one of their own to rot without full ceremonial rites.

The two males paced but their attention wavered between him, the wounded female at his back, and Fontaine’s demanding snarls, just beyond the clearing. They slunk off, one after the other. He whipped around to hiss a warning but the female lay on the ground, wide-eyed and panting hard, her tawny fur matted with blood, dirt and leaves.

He cursed the vow trumping his mission, clamped down on the loose skin at the back of her neck and started dragging her. They needed to make the river before Fontaine sent the tracker, Diego, after them.

Sebastian shook the female by the scruff of her neck, trying to revive her enough that she realized they were going into the water. She dug her claws into the earth and managed a weak hiss. There was no time to explain that Diego could track a fish through water if he weren’t so afraid of it. He wound himself around her, jerked her free and rolled them into the river.

Water churned over them as he held her, struggling against the current. She was still fighting him when they went under a second time and then she started to convulse, her muscles and bones shifting. She’d drown them both before he could get them to safety inside the cave behind the waterfall. He had no choice but to release her and shift into his human nature while she reformed, sputtering and bobbing in the roiling water.

One sure stroke brought him hard against her naked back and he cursed as she flailed, backhanding him. He snaked one arm around her, cradling her hips with his own, settling her over the ridge of his growing erection. She stilled instantly. Her rumbling purr seeped through his bones and muscles, belly and cock.

Growling, he nipped gently at the side of her neck, nudging her jaw up enough to keep her head above water. She tasted of fear and excitement, heat and death. Primitive, feral desire twisted through him, answering the promise he’d followed for days. She whimpered and burrowed against his chest and belly while he kicked, propelling them backward until he felt rocks beneath his feet. Almost there.

He half crawled, half dragged them both through the falls. The cave was little more than a shallow niche hollowed into the rock lit only by the moonlight filtering through the mist the falls produced. He wasn’t dragging her any farther without knowing who she was and what the hell she’d been doing following Fontaine’s mercenary rogues. Her dark, spiky curls tickled his nose when he scooted them into a reclining position.

He was honest enough to realize that his panting was only partly due to the adrenaline rush of their escape. Even now her scent curled through him, drawing him into a promise he’d followed for days. Who was this naked, shivering woman he might have just imperiled an entire race to save?

I love the sparkly new cover by Winterheart Designs. Thank you, Lex Valentine! Assassin’s Kiss, Book 1 of the Jaguar Assassin's series, is available now for $.99 at these outlets…

Until next month,
Happy Reading!

Paris Brandon


Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful cover. Love the excerpt and wish you all the best!

Cara Marsi said...

This sounds really good. Love the excerpt and the cover. Glad you found your passion.

Tina Donahue said...

I love me some sexy beasts! Congrats, Paris, on such great and well-deserved reviews. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Oooh, that really is a tempter. No wonder it's getting good reviews. Love it!

Paris said...

Thank you, Melissa, Cara, Tina and Jean! You guys are the best :)

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