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Friday, May 19, 2017


Hello fellow travelers. I'm Sharon Hamilton.

I had no idea I'd be doing so many beautiful blue and white sandy covers, but this seems to be the year for islands and the tropics. The irony is that this year I won't be visiting any beautiful places like that, except for a trip to St. Petersburg for a writer's conference and one to Orlando (fingers crossed) for a reader event this Fall.

I'm finishing my book as I write this: Paradise: In Search of Love. I love the premise here:

Investment Broker SEAN Harper's settled life begins to come unraveled when a new client walks into his Manhattan office bringing tales of a secret island in the Caribbean, ten million dollars in cash and a girl in a thatched hut on a white sandy beach. Even his former SEAL training cannot prepare him for what's to come.

Here's a snippet from Chapter One with the words and buttery voice of my awesome narrator, J.D. Hart. It brings chills to me every time I listen and can't wait to have it in audio format. Soon, my darlings. Soon!

You can listen to this snippet here!

J.D. and I have become great friends through the twenty-something audio books we've worked on together. We often dream about this story. Most of my days are filled with creating a fantasy life for myself and my readers. So fun to have someone else to play with.

So, Paradise will release June 13. My next tropical treat will be Tropical Tryst, part of a 25-author anthology coming out 8/1/17.  My novella will be called SEAL My Love, about two people headed for a tropical vacation, determined to enjoy being single after their failed romances back home. I'll be expanding this into a full-length novel later on early next year.

So, forgive me if I sail away in the middle of the day to Antigua, looking for that perfect cheeseburger in paradise, and that white beach and the caper of my lifetime. It's true, with a good book, I can go anywhere and be anyone I want.

We all should get away more often, don't you think?


julie beasley said...

Books take me to places I didn't know I wanted to go. Sand, sea, mountains just makes the experience more enjoyable.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Me too Julie! Glad you're along too!

Katie F said...

Oh, I can't wait for these!!! You always make the journey of your books amazing! The tropics are my favorite! Hope you have a fantastic summer, maybe I'll run into you in Orlando! ��

Sharon Hamilton said...

Hope so, Katie! I really hope so. Thanks for coming along on my tropical tryst. Always the best love stories are there, right?

Katie F said...

Oh, yes!!!! My sister & I are trying to arrange a getaway to go to Shameless, fingers crossed it works out!!! Have a great weekend!

jean hart stewart said...

Love the golf cart...and since your character is named 'Hart' I'd love the book too...

Sharon Hamilton said...

LOL. Thanks!

Melissa Keir said...

That golf cart is something else! I think it takes a special person to drive it around! All the best with your releases!

Janice Seagraves said...

It sounds like so much fun. I wish I could get away more often.
Good luck with your books and I wish you many sales.

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