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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beloved Ireland ~ Land of Shamrocks and Pots of Gold

Ireland is a country that embeds itself in your heart. Once you’ve been there you’ll never forget it, and the love affair will continue for the rest of your life.

Since March is famous for St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it appropriate to post a tribute to Ireland, Eire, the ancient Hibernia, and all the other names by which this fair island has been known over the centuries.

Perhaps I’m trying to gain favor with the leprechauns so they might gift me some gold, or an insider’s map to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

In any event, Ireland is a fabulous place to set a romantic suspense.

Here are a few things Ireland is most famous for:

St. Patrick, Claddagh Rings, Guinness Beer, Blarney Castle, Jameson Whiskey, Aran Sweaters and other woolen works of art, The Cliffs of Moher, intricate crystal and glass (used to be Waterford Glass), wit and Irish music, Leprechauns and their Pots of Gold, Shamrocks and 4-Leaf Clovers, Kerrygold butter, and Bono’s U2…

Ireland has beautiful landscape. No matter what part of the small gem of a country you visit, there is a highly educated population with a strong work ethic, a thriving tourist trade with some of the friendliest locals in the world, top quality food, thanks to the rich soil and mournful climate, a fine health care system available to all citizens, and sadly, the loss of too many brilliant young people through emigration in search of opportunity elsewhere.

I’ve written two stories set in Ireland, with several more to come.

To Kiss A Leprechaun is a magical fantasy romance novella that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Raven of Blackthorn Manor is a Gothic romantic suspense novella in the brilliant A World of Gothic series. 

If you've ever been to Ireland, what was your favorite experience?

As you can see, I've been bitten by the little green lady bug... so, whether you are really Irish or just wish you were, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

GEMMA JULIANA writes all kinds of love stories, from contemporary to paranormal. She has a penchant for romantic international settings. Gemma lives in a cozy cottage in Texas with her very own hero, teen son, and a dog who rules them all. Chocolate and coffee nourish her muse and fuel her creativity. She loves hearing from readers.


Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Hi, Gemma! I would love to visit Ireland but I hear is very cold and I'm not a cold person. LOL Very nice post.

Melissa Keir said...

Ireland is a place I'd love to visit someday... My husband's family is Scottish and my family is British.. so a long trip visiting the area would be a dream come true!

Cara Marsi said...

I've heard Ireland is beautiful. A cousin, who is half Irish, and who is a published poet, spends a few weeks each year in Ireland at poetry workshops. Doesn't that sound divine? I have no Irish blood but I'd love to visit Ireland.

jean hart stewart said...

A charming column...thanks for the information.....

Paris said...

I've never visited but Ireland is one place that I would dearly love to see! Great post:)

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