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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Attention RB4U Readers, inquiring minds of authors want to know.... #RB4U #Romance #99cents #giveaway

Well, I did it again !  
My day has come and i've forgotten to post :)  
I guess better late than never huh? 
Maybe since March brings the luck of the irish, 
I'll be on time for my post that month.

Today I would like to pose a question 
to all our RB4U readers...

What are you looking for in a book these days?
And when i say 'looking for', 
what i mean is your actual book likes.
As in, What genre do you like to read? 

What length of book best suits you? Do you want a book 
that is so long it consumes you for days, or are 
you happy with a novella that you can read in a day? 
A short story that you can get through on your lunch 
hour or when the baby naps?

Do you like stand-alones or do you love series?
And last, where do you prefer to buy your books?

I'd love to hear comments from these questions and 
I thank you in advance !!  I have a packed release 
schedule for this year but i would love to be able to 
gear my writing to what you, the reader, wants !


So in other news, I just recently had a new release...
There are 6 authors, and 6 stories about Rock Stars :)

The Rock Stars: Our Songs

Party All Night and Rock All Day... 
Fall in love with the Rock Stars who write and sing the music as well as the women who long to tame them. 

Zinger by Nikki Lynn Barrett:
Rock star Zeke Sketcher and aspiring singer Ariel Lexington meet and bond over music on a reality singing show. He's got a mega hot career and a reputation, she's a young woman trying to find herself after growing up in a strict, sheltered life. What happens when the show is over and it's time to move on with their lives?

Rock Me Softly by Lisa Kumar:
After a cheating and drug-addicted ex leaves rock star Lucien Blackhawk reeling, he wants to get away from big-city life for a while. The small town of Poplin, Iowa, seems the perfect place to do that. But will he find a new home with the luscious yet naive librarian who captures his attention—and his heart?

When The Lights Go Down by Krista Ames:
A chance encounter and a backstage pass changed everything for bass player Dj Anderson and college grad student Regan Fleming. Can they find a happy medium? Is there a way to co-exist with two very different life styles or is love just not enough?

She Came With The Tide by Viviana Mackade:
Ax had it all: talent, fame, money. Without a second thought, he’d traded it all for the sunshine and a surfboard. Young, rich, and free - what more could he need?

Andrea Smith escaped the life her parents imposed on her when they joined a cult. On the run ever since, she had no clue her life would change with that simple ‘yes.'

But the past catches up with her, forcing Andrea to choose what person she wants to be: the scared cult member that obeyed in silence, or the new woman Erik made blossom.

What If by R.M. Duffy:
Mia Jones craves the one thing her ex-husband couldn't give her—love.

Shane Reynolds’ future plans are simple, to play music. The only relationship he wants is with his band. Can Mia make Shane see that his future could be so much better with her in it?

Rock Steady by D’Ann Lindun
Country music newcomer Maura Whittaker only agrees to perform in her hometown because her agent thinks it’s good publicity. Black Mountain, Colorado, is the last place she expects to fall in love with sexy rock star, Dalton Stone. Can rock and country blend to make beautiful music?

Get your copy now !
Also available in PRINT


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Thanks so much for stopping by !  
Find me right here again next month on the 2nd, 
a little bit earlier in the day with more book info !!

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Melissa Keir said...

I've been in love with box sets and anthologies because I can enjoy a novella each night and still be productive during the day. When I buy the longer stories, I'm a couch potato and nothing gets done until that book is finished.

I'm also in love with series but ones where each book is a new set of characters but the old familiar characters show back up!

Krista said...

Thanks so much Melissa for commenting !! I love anthologies too and series :)

Kate Allenton said...

I agree with Melissa and I love series too. I just hate when the next book in the series is released so far out that I forgot what happened in the previous books.

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