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Thursday, January 19, 2017


New Release!! Gideon: Heavenly Fall.

Writers do all sorts of things to keep their writing fresh. Like anything in life (except sex, lol) too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing Gideon: Heavenly Fall, about a man, turned vampire, saved by a Guardian, and then got bored and did a no-no and turned dark. I originally started writing this book back in 2011, before I started writing SEALs. I had thought I would be a paranormal author, since that's all I read.

Then I read Suze Brockman's book, and my son became a Navy SEAL, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But I'm having a ball going back to some of my roots. Kinky, but roots nonetheless. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying I'm a Christian with a bent antennae. I have mucked up the message big time, twisted and turned it around into a fantasy of my own choosing, involving the Underworld, Heaven and the Human World. Can't wait for some of the hate mail I'm going to get some day. A badge I'll wear proudly.

So my fearless little author self has invented "bots" those little mechanical devices that are created by a creepy and quirky "clockmaker" character who hovers between the Underworld and the Human World. You're going to love him....

Here's an excerpt:            

          The shop was full of moving timepieces of all sizes. Pieces of metal from kitchen utensils, pots and pans, gardening tools, and even small motors were blended with clock faces, hands made of various materials, each piece inching up or down or around in circles, causing a chain reaction of other moving parts like an antique conveyor belt powered by some inscrutable source. She noticed the mechanical devices measured and told time in a variety of ways, but nothing appeared to be causing the movements except weights and momentum from other moving parts. There didn’t appear to be any electricity or gas present. The only light appeared to be from flickering candles.

            The blue and green flock of tiny mechanical birds flew overhead again, several of them swerving to avoid hitting her head, but not managing to avoid hitting the spoke of a slowly rotating large wheel the size of a man’s head. Three of the little creatures dropped to the floor and buzzed in circles before taking flight again to join the rest of the flock. Gideon’s arm about her waist helped her gently step up to follow Francis. She found the warmth of his hand lingering on the small of her back comforting, but she desperately wanted to investigate the curious devices nearly obstructing their path.

Hope you'll enjoy Gideon.  


Melissa Keir said...

The book sounds wonderful Sharon. I love my paranormal as much as my other heroes! All the best!

julie beasley said...

Just started it, really enjoying. Wishing Sharon all the best with her wonderful new hero

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