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Friday, January 27, 2017

Alien Heart by Janice Seagraves

Hi, I'm Janice Seagraves and I wanted to talk a little bit about my characters from Alien Heart.

Blade is my favorite character in my Chronicles of Arcon series. He shows up in nearly everyone of my stories from the free reads to Alien Heart and the later as yet unpublished books.

He's tough but still has a big heart. Blade's only fear is showing his tender side to the woman he loves. He doesn't want to be rejected. But all the sarcasm in the world can't cover how he feels.

Blade is just a few minutes older than his triplet, Keefe. They have an uneasy relationship. Blade is looked down on for being a military male. And Keefe can't help but feel the same, even though he loves his older brother.

I made the Arcon society the opposite of ours. I honestly respect our people, men and women, of our armed forces. But for my story, I had to make things different to show another society other than just another version of our own.

Keefe is front and center in the series and everything eventually revolves around him, and he reluctantly brings Blade along for the ride.

While I wrote about these two different brothers, I knew I had to have something so they'd stay together. What would keep them together? What would be their glue.

So I decided to give them a little brother.

Enter Paz, their little brother. He's around thirteen years old, smart, something of a couch potatoes and loves his computer. Paz is home schooled, but even his brothers can't help him with his homework because it is so advanced.

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Blurb: Divorcee and single mom, hardworking Audrey Westberry is the host of a cable TV show called Miz Fixit.
Romance was the last thing on Audrey’s mind when two handsome extraterrestrials join the audience of her show.
Soon Audrey finds out a single word “mated” has different meaning when you are born a galaxy away. After a wonderful night of passion, Audrey finds herself far from home, impregnated and her life turned upside down.
Will she ever be able to leave the alien compound, see her son again, or get home in time to film the fall season of her Miz Fixit show?
But what's a girl to do with two aliens that smell like candy, and their kisses taste like it, too?


“Why are these foolish humans following us everywhere?” Blade scowled.

“’re the newest thing. A walking, talking novelty act; aliens from outer space, elves from middle earth, and Bigfoot rolled up into one,” Audrey said.

“Our feet aren’t big, are they?” Paz stared at his shoes.

Audrey looked too—size thirteen at least. “It’s the way our people feel about you.” She gestured toward the window. “You’ve also been as elusive to film. That makes getting the picture more exciting.”

“Humph, I don’t like it. I feel unprotected.” Blade’s hand smoothed down his side as if he looked for a weapon while he flushed violet from his green tipped hair to his silver jumpsuit.
Gee, don’t get out much?

She got a glimpse of the restaurant. Renaldo’s. This was Fox’s favorite restaurant, he took her here often enough to discuss her future, and then she knew he had setup the date.  
Damn him, he could have at least told me.

Mental note: fire Fox, but kick him in the ass first.

Once at the restaurant, the photo flashes left Audrey almost blind. Damn, no wonder celebrities wear sunglasses at night.

Audrey’s three dates must have been through this before; each had whipped out a pair of wraparound sunglasses, while she stood there, blinking away spots.

Where can I get a pair?

Someone noticed Audrey’s problem, and placed an arm around her shoulders to lead her inside.

“Eh, it is Ms. Westberry and our new alien friends, no?”

Audrey recognized the voice of the head waiter, a man named Alberto, a tubby little Italian with a pencil thin mustache.

“I’ll show you to a private dining room. You’ll eat all by yourselves, eh.”

“Thank you, Alberto, that’ll be great.” Audrey’s shoulders relaxed. Good, I don’t want to be stared at.

Alberto showed the group to their table. At least Audrey thought it was him. Finally, the spots that blurred her vision faded to the point she could see the surroundings. In the large banquet room, a single table set for their use with a cozy setting for four.

It was Keefe who had an arm around her.

Audrey smiled at him, hoping to express her gratitude with her eyes. He’s such a nice guy. “Thank you.”

“You’re all right now?”

“Yes, I can see again.”

He gave her shoulders a squeeze before letting go.

Being the lady, Audrey got seated first, and then her dates arranged themselves around her. Blue-shirted Keefe sat across from her, the smaller alien Paz to her left and nervous Blade to her right where he watched the door with a frown.

Audrey remembered her friend’s earlier comment and couldn’t help a peek at Keefe’s pants. Hmm, could be something extra in man-land.

Keefe’s red eyes twinkled as he eased into his chair. Audrey’s face warmed. Oh hell, he noticed.

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Melissa Keir said...

Family is a fun thing to have in a story and brotherly love is both annoying and loving at the same time! All the best Janice!

Cara Marsi said...

This sounds like a great read. I love the twists you put in.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Melissa,

Yes, thank you. I tried to add that in and the teasing.

Hi Cara,

Thank you. :)


jean hart stewart said...

Love this!!! Know you'll do well with this one!

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Jean,

Thank you. I sure hope so, there are twelve books in the series.


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