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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Something went wrong during the night. I checked last night and my blog was scheduled to post but today it didn't. So here it is again. Blast all computers!!!

I had enclosed a sample of Christmas with the Marquis, so will do that again also. It's a story of an arrogant young man, handsome and titled, who breaks the engagement to the girl his parents had arranged for him. After all, she is a scrawny girl of seven, not at all worthy of him. And then he sees when she is grown, falls immediately in lust, and she won't even speak to him. Here's an excerpt from when she begins to change her mind.

"She dismissed her maid after she’d brushed her hair into a shining mass that fell past her shoulders. Pulling her negligee over her night rail, she walked to her window, looking out at the bright moonlight illuminating the gardens outside her window. She thought she could be mistress of this beautiful home if she wanted to encourage Jason.  A dizzying thought. While she no longer felt the urge to ruin him, she had no inclination to marry without love. She thought Jason would remain true to his wife long enough to make sure he had the requisite heir. Then he would take his pleasure where he willed. She doubted he would change his stripes after such a licentious past.
She didn’t want just a year or two of a faithful husband. It was not enough for her. She would have a truly faithful husband, one for all of their married life, or none at all.
Lost in thought, she didn’t even realize how her attitude toward Jason had changed so that she was actually thinking about him as matrimonial material.
She also didn’t notice her door stealthily opening, until she felt a fleshy hand cover her mouth.
It was not Jason’s hand, she realized that instantly. She bit down instinctively, and when she heard the shocked hiss knew she was in trouble. The intruder slapped her, not lightly, and then grabbed her arms and twisted them behind her back.
“So, you’ve got more spirit than I thought. I wondered what Jad saw in you. You must be a spitfire in bed as well. I assure you I’ve got every bit as large a cock at our dear host.”
She struggled, trying vainly to escape the over-large body of the Earl of Wilcombe, pressing her relentlessly back to the wall. She had no idea what to do with this inflamed idiot, but she had to try. She was not about to have her first sexual experience with a drunk, physically repugnant lout.
She tried to wrench out of his grasp, but he was not to be denied.
“Everyone knows Jad is a womanizer of the first water. If you intrigue him there must be a reason. Your delightful ass, for one thing. You look so demure I’m sure there’s a lot to be uncovered. Come, sweetheart, I’ll give you only pleasure.”
He kept her pinned with one powerful hand, and loosened the flap of his trousers with the other.  His engorged cock sprang into view. A huge purple thing that made her want to retch at the sight.
She instinctively shouted the name of the only one who could rescue her from this horror.
Her assailant only laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous, my pretty, Jad expects his guests to share their delights.”
She fought the urge not to vomit at this statement that confirmed what she’d always suspected .
His huge bulk was suddenly wrenched from her, as a growling and furious Jason pulled him off her. He stopped Wilcombe with a single blow, then followed his attack with punishing fists that soon had the earl on his back, curling up to try to protect his now shriveled cock.
“Get up and out of my house, you piece of scum.  Now. Tonight. I’ll send your wife after you tomorrow if she wants to stay here overnight.  Then I advise you to keep out of my path. I will gladly knock you down anytime I see you. Here or in London.”
Wilcombe stared at him.  “You’re mad. That means I’d have to give up my social life. My clubs. My sports. I won’t do it.”
Jason hauled him to his feet only to knock him down again. Wilcombe’s nose was spouting blood, and one eye was almost shut and rapidly changing color.
“I suggest you reconsider. Now get out of my sight.”
He pulled Abigail into his arms, although he kept one eye on the now cowed Wilcombe who slunk away. As soon as Jason was sure he was out of sight, he turned to Abigail.
He bent his head and gently kissed her. Holding her lightly, he smiled down at her, although his face was remorseful. He stroked her unbound hair with light caresses.
“Darling girl, I’m so sorry once again. That a guest of mine would accost you makes me too furious to speak coherently. I had no idea he was this much of a cad,”
She leaned back against his arms and looked directly into his eyes.
“Do your guests share their women?”
His face clouded. “I can’t deny it after sending two of my guest couples home for wanting to do just that. I do, however, deny I’ve ever participated in such a thing.”
Abigail stepped away from him.  “You’ve probably never had to. I believe you’re known for having your pick of women.”
She refused to meet his eyes, although she heard him groan.
“Abigail….” He tried to turn her back to him but she pushed him toward the hall, waiting silently till he stepped into it, and then closed the door."

My books are available at all the usual sources, including MuseItUp, Amazon, Kobo, etc. My most of all, a wonderful Xmas season to you all!


R. Ann Siracusa said...

Marry Christmas Jean and to everyone. I share your frustration with computers.
I loved your excerpt. I don't usually read historicals, but I'm going to make an exception with this one. Ann

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Ann. So very nice to hear from you. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Paris said...

Happy Christmas to you, Jean! I have no idea why blogger doesn't post at times, it is frustrating. Great excerpt, thanks for sharing!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks for making me feel like less of an idiot.. So glad you liked the excerpt. And of course, very happy holidays !!!!

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