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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

JASON BACA - Fabio on Steroids (and we don't mean chemicals)

Interview by Sharon Hamilton

I've heard about Jason Baca for years now, but until recently, I hadn't had the opportunity to meet him. He showed up at our book signing at Barnes & Noble in San Jose, and I was so thankful he agreed to do this interview, just for our RB4U audience of fantastic authors and readers. Here are some questions and answers I think you're going to enjoy. Hope this adds to your awesome holiday season. Another reason to be thankful for being writers and readers of romance.

  1. How did you get started modeling?
Jason- I got started by accident. Back in 1997 I was a double in the movie I know what you did last summer. One of the photographers on location pulled me aside and asked if he could take some photos of me. I said sure..  He turned out to be a great connection for other photographers which then stemmed to clothing and ad modeling which I did for about 10 years.

  1. Do you work with a favorite photographer and if so, who do you work with?
Jason – All the million or so photographers I’ve worked with are my favorites, I can’t pick out just one. Some I work with more then others, some I know better. Each gets me in a different mood and adds their own element to each shoot which I like.. Gives variety.

  1. Have you ever been on a shoot and something horribly went wrong? Can you describe it?
Jason – you know, I’ve been pretty darn lucky with it all..  I haven’t had anything go terribly wrong as far as my end of it goes. Though one time I shot when I was in terrific shape then come to find out, the photographer had their studio broken into the very next day. They stole their camera’s that had the photos. It was a huge disappointment that’s for sure.

  1. Have you ever had a clothing or prop malfunction on a photoshoot?
Jason – Sure there are always little things that I later end up seeing that I don’t like. Now a days though, with the way graphic artists are so skilled, they can easily hide whatever it is that’s not looking right.

  1. Do you mind when the graphic artist changes your hair color? If so, what color  do you like the least?
Jason – no I don’t mind one bit. Kinda cool actually..  Well the color I’d like the least? How about bald? Does that count?  Great Answer (Sharon).

  1. What was your favorite photo shoot location and why?
Jason – In a warm studio I’d have to say. I can just get into character better and play with the camera more vs. being outdoors with people staring. I’ve never been crazy about outdoor shoots and the whole big production thing. I don’t like drawing attention to myself if I can help it.  Awww. You're a keeper, Jason! (Sharon)

  1. Your least favorite photo shoot location and why?
Jason – Outdoors or out in the woods. Seems the shadows from the trees just don’t do me any justice.

  1. Favorite photo shoot character you portrayed and why?
Jason – I’d go with the army theme as most fun. I like to be able to cut my hair short, this gives me an excuse to do so. Not only that, my Dad was a Army Veteran and I think it’s an outfit he’d have gotten a kick out of if he was still around today. I know you are proud of your dad. Thanks so much to your whole family for his service. I'm sure you miss him.

  1. Is there one place you’d love to do a shoot at and have not gotten the chance to? 
Jason – I’ve touched them all.. Every desirable location/studio, I’ve been to. I’m not at a shoot to enjoy the location though, I’m there to get the job done. It’s what I’m hired to do so I see myself as a piece to the puzzle.

  1. Any kind of shoot you would not do (except the obvious ones)?  
Jason – sure, there are plenty of “themes” I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.

          11. Ever worked with another actor/model who was embarrassed? Were you ever intimidated working with another actor/model? Any funny stories?

Jason – I personally haven’t been nervous, the TV show The Insider was a fun one where the correspondent posed with me -  I loved this YouTube! Fun stuff!  

          12. What are your hobbies?

Jason – well growing up I was a baseball player. I played high school and college ball before moving on to other stuff. 

           13. Where do you call home?

Jason – Los Gatos, CA. 

           14. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Jason – Probably in the mountains of New Hampshire. Just beautiful out there. 

           15.  When you go to conventions and get all the attention of readers and authors, does it ever make you uncomfortable? How do you handle it, if it does?

Jason – I have yet to go to one. I keep getting invited to go, I just haven’t managed to get the time to get out to one. I hear this year it’ll be in Atlanta which I’d love to visit. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

Thanks so much, Jason! Those answers were fantastic. I can see you are a real professional and why you are so much in demand. We appreciate having actors and models like you who help us sell our books, and help readers visualize those wonderful heroes we write about. 

Happy New Year. Please come back and visit us again sometime!


Cara Marsi said...

Great interview. Nice to know you, Jason. The covers you are on are wonderful.

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful interview. Jason is a sweetheart and I got to chat with him online a few years ago when he was building his presence. He is just as downhome as he appears.

Paris said...


Thanks for dropping by and letting us get to know you! I don't get to many conferences these days but they can be fun. Love all your romance covers (yes, I did look you up:)Best of luck in all of your endeavors!

jean hart stewart said...

Great interview... Always nice to know more about one of our wonderful models.

Marianne Stephens said...

Thanks for the interview. It's great to keep up with what the "guys" are doing! We love Jason!

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