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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Goal Planning by Kate Allenton

The Christmas countdown clock has started in my house. Well, it technically started in October for me. I’m one of those obnoxious planners who would love to skip right to the end of the year where I can make my kids’ eyes sparkle when they open presents. I think the ugly sweater parties were inspired by some of my “special” holiday clothes. Just ask my children. Our Christmas tree goes up well before Thanksgiving, and if I had my way, it would be up when trick-or-treaters came to the door.

But December isn’t only for celebrations and fun no matter how much I wish it to be true. It’s my time for reflection and planning.

December is when I take a look back at my year and see if I’ve hit my personal and professional goals. When I started writing, my resolutions were easy. Write a book. Learn to market. Make friends with bestsellers and hope that a little of their charm, grace, and luck rubbed off on me. I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always winged it until I needed to break out the sticky notes and devise a plan. It’s kind of how I tackle new books. It’s the spark of adventure and believing that anything is possible that drives me in the beginning and propels me to that fork in the road where I’m scratching my head trying to determine which way to go.

It doesn’t matter if you keep those GPS directions in your head or if you write them on a million colorful sticky notes or even if you’ve established it in your business plan. Having a direction tends to get me closer to my goals, and maybe, just sometimes, they make the post signs a little more easy to navigate.  

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, I believe that everyone’s journey is different. That for every up and down we experience we learn lessons that help our spirits grow and that we, as writers, are a special bunch of people, who, if lucky, will touch the lives of those who take a chance on our books. Take a minute to stop and think about how far you’ve come and make plans where you want to be this time next year.

I know where my writing goals for 2017 are taking me. Do you?

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Melissa Keir said...

I have to write down my to-do list and check them off. But the goals I keep in my head and repeat them like prayers. :) I wish you all the best with your 2017 goals.

Cara Marsi said...

I write down a daily to-do list, but I keep my writing goals in my head. I've been at this writing business long enough to know that the best-laid plans almost always go astray.

Paris said...

I have a plan for the year but I make weekly and daily plans as well. As long as I'm realistic about my goals, I can keep up:) Best of luck in 2017:)

Judy Baker said...

I always make a small list of things I want to accomplish throughout the year. Wishing all of you the best in accomplishing your goals in 2017

Janice Seagraves said...

I wrote out my goals on sticky notes and pulled them off one at a time as I reach each goal.


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