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Friday, December 23, 2016

From Brain-dead to a 5 Title Series in One Glass of Wine with @vellacmunn #RB4U

As a longtime writer, I’m accustomed to being attacked by creative/fictional ideas for a book, but only once has an entire series snuck up while I wasn’t looking and grab hold of me. I’m kind of afraid of it happening again since the Montana Lakeside series consumed me for over a year. At the same time, it was an incredible ride!
A ride that took me from Oregon to Montana without actually leaving the house.
To give a little background, a writer friend and I were relaxing at a Colorado mountain cabin after a Denver writers’ conference. Okay, so I was brain dead. No reason to deny it. We’d poured ourselves some wine and had gone out on a deck overlooking a fast-running creek. The wind picked up, the sky turned blue-black, and we knew we were in for a storm.
After several days of intense activity in a city, this country gal was happy to get back in touch with nature which has always nourished me. I was at peace, looking forward to experiencing the approaching storm while my mind drifted and we talked about slightly more than nothing. That’s when I started thinking about wanting to share what the wilderness means to me with readers. The more I contemplated how I’d accomplish that, the more my creativity took note.
Our family has a summer cabin in southern Oregon within an hour’s drive of world famous Crater Lake. The seasons rule everything we do at the cabin, and I spend as much time as possible outdoors. I began playing with the idea of setting each of the four books (there’s also a novella that takes place in a single day) during a different season so I could explore how the separate seasons would impact my different couples.
All of my characters, I decided, needed second chances. They’d come to fictional Lake Serene to try to make their peace with their pasts and find the courage to embrace the future. They needed help if that was going to happen. Much of the help would come in the form of new romances as they fell in love, but the wilderness would cast its own spell.  
Yes, I had lofty ambitions. Although I’m a multi-published writer, I’d never tackled a series which turned out to be quite the learning experience. For practical reasons, the publisher and I agreed to move the series from Oregon to Montana which meant I had to research that amazing state. Consequently I fell hopelessly in love with it, especially the mountains.
A heartfelt thank you to my friend for risking being blown away as I blathered on about what was growing and expanding inside my brain and heart.
Redeeming Her Montana Love is the first full-length book and takes place in the spring. For the record, the opening scene with the broken water pipe sadly came from real life.

Alisha Hearne has come back to Lake Serene to decide whether to sell her family’s cabin or repair it. But the painful memories this cabin holds might prove too much for Alisha to bear – until a handsome, muscular man shows up.
Nate Quaid doesn’t stay in one place for long. Once his work at Lake Serene is finished, he’ll move on before his secrets can catch up to him. But when Nate realizes the lovely young woman needs more than his expertise, he might be tempted to stay.
Aisha and Nate long to reach out to each other, to trust again. But are they capable of revealing their deepest secrets? Do they dare risk falling in love.

Vella Munn bio

Vella writes contemporary and historical romances to satisfy the insistent voices in her head of which there are many.
She's had more than 60 (or is it 70?) books published and is particularly excited about several recent series that are either out or in the process of being released. One is the eight book Soul series of Native American historicals about America's first citizens.
Her contemporary series is Montana Lakeside romances. Consisting of four books, each taking place during a different season with a different couple, plus a one-day novella, draws on her love of the wilderness as backdrop for new beginnings.
She also venturing into romantic suspense with a three book series called Feral Justice which demonstrates what she'd like to have happen to animal abusers. Each book follows a different couple as they try to deal with and make sense of the violence they're thrust into.
Vella lives in rural Oregon, is married, has two sons, and four grandchildren. She's owned by two bossy rescue dogs and is working on her master's degree as a certified but mostly sane hermit.


Judy Baker said...

Vella, I love Montana too. The first time I visited the state I fell in love with it too. I enjoyed how you came to write your series. Best of Luck.

Unknown said...

Thanks for saying that, Judy. BTW, you and my sister share the same name only she spells hers Judee.

Unknown said...

Thanks for saying that, Judy. BTW, you and my sister share the same name only she spells hers Judee.

Cara Marsi said...

Vella, you're post was very interesting. I've been to many of our states and I spend a lot of time in the Southwest, but I've never been to CO, OR, or MT. You make me want to go to those places. Your series sounds wonderful. It's good to meet you.

Melissa Keir said...

Sounds like a wonderful series. Who isn't in love with the wildness of nature! I wish you all the best!

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