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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Love in Remote and Uncharted Areas with Adam Mann #Amazon #Romance #kindle

Hi.  My name is Mike Lord and I live and work in Vietnam, but not in the big cities.  I prefer a more remote area, so I chose a mountainous area where I used to work.  My job was to help farmer families in villages to improve their crops, and thus their food intake and subsequently incomes from surplus crops.
I retired a couple of years ago, and remembered that I had drafted a couple of novels.  The first when I lived in the corner of a coconut estate in Sri Lanka, and the next when I had spare time here in a project in Vietnam.  Both these books have been published, but historical romance is hard work with a lot of research.
I must admit that I do like ladies, especially Asian ladies.  I believe that I do know a bit about romance, and loving, as I have been married four times; my first wife died, my second divorced me as she could stand the loneliness and remoteness of my projects.  The third had to annul the marriage as she had forgotten to get divorced herself, but luckily I’ve now been happily married for the last twenty years to a lovely Vietnamese widowed lady.
My first romance book was published by Blushing Books, under my pen name, Adam Mann, and since then I’ve written another twenty four novellas, ten of which have been based in Asia.
I’ve self published over fifteen of these novels myself as regular eBook publishers do take a long time, editing, proofreading, and cover designing.  This is definitely necessary but organizations like KDP Amazon do have facilities to do these jobs themselves.
My latest novella is called “Love in the Boondocks” and will be published on 16th November. 
It appears that the word Boondocks originated in the Philippines from a Cebuano term bukid (mountain) in a rustic or uncivilized area, and often with a derogatory connotation.  Today the word Boondocks refers to a remote and probably mountainous area, with very limited infrastructure.

Please read and enjoy it.  You can find it here:


Cara Marsi said...

What an interesting background you have. It's nice to meet you.

jean hart stewart said...

It's fascinating to learn about you,,,,welcome to the world of authors.

Melissa Keir said...

What a wonderful post! It's great that you have been able to write and include pieces of your life in your stories!

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