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Sunday, October 9, 2016

What's Trending? Clothes! #How_I_Roe #RB4U

What's Trending? Clothes!

Hello and welcome to another monthly visit by me! I love to talk about all things bookish and share my quirky sense of humor with others. 

Want to know what has taken the World and Facebook by storm? LuLaRoe!

If you haven't heard about this new clothing line, let me fill you in! LuLaRoe is a clothing company run by a woman who decided to start a line of clothing which was fun to wear as well as comfortable. She started with a dream, like many of us and was able to bring her dream to fruition.

Today, the multi-million dollar company has LuLaRoe consultants selling the clothes out of pop-up sales and in Facebook groups. The main pieces are leggings, shirts and dresses. But it also has a line of shirts for children and men. Each piece has a cute name, which was named after the owner's own children and grandchildren.

Want to dress like your daughter? They can do it!

Want to wear fabulous clothes to work? You can!

Most women who love the clothes belong to one or more Facebook groups where they can find unique prints (Unicorns) and the urge to shop is as clothes as your computer!


Quickly, owning and wearing LuLaRoe can become an obsession. You spot fabulous new prints or see a wonderful pair of leggings on someone else and you want them for yourself. 

Yesterday, I was at a book signing in Toldeo, Ohio wearing a Julia dress and visiting with other authors who were wearing Carly dresses. We talked about our books but we also shared our favorite ways to wear the outfits and what our obsession was costing!

Because these clothes don't come cheap! And while they aren't any more than other clothes (think jeans, dresses, skirts by Ann Taylor or Abercrombe), they are from $25-60. Now resale groups have popped up as well, where LuLaRoe are traded and resold! You can sell off the ones you wore only once to get your dream pair of Unicorn leggings!

If you were wondering about all the new fashion talk going around on Facebook or saw two women dancing and squeeing over their clothes, now you know! 
Wearing a Julia dress and TC leggings with my own books for sale
Wearing my Julia dress while visiting with Scott Nova and supporting Liz's series
And if you are looking for comfortable cute clothes, these are the ones you want! And if you are looking for some fun groups to join where you can shop till your credit card melts, contact me! I belong to quite a few LuLaRoe groups and know who has each piece!

In the meantime, I'm throwing on another pair of leggings and another dress and hitting the computer to whip up another story! See you all next month, on the same date!

What do you obsess over?

Melissa Keir 


Melissa Keir said...

My name is Melissa and I own way too many Carly dresses... is that possible?? They are so cute on me.

Cara Marsi said...

I've never heard of this line of clothes, but I do love clothes. I'll have to check them out. Love the picture of you with your books.

Tina Donahue said...

Great idea - good for her! :)

Melissa Keir said...

Cara, thanks. Let me know if you want to join any of the groups! Thank you Tina... another woman role model!

Janice Seagraves said...

Those are cute clothes.


jbiggar said...

Ingenuity, gotta love the modern day entrepreneur! Great post, Melissa, your book signing table looks fabulous!

Melissa Keir said...

I love how comfortable the clothes are. Cotton and blends... funky and fun!

Thank you J and J for sharing your thoughts!

trinity said...

It was so good meeting you and seeing your outfit. Thank you for helping me with my Carly yesterday. If I'm not mistaken we also live very close to each other also. :)


Melissa Keir said...

Yea Trinity! We better become friends on Facebook so we can keep up on all the LuLaRoe fun! I'm just north of Ann Arbor. Where are you?

Paris said...

Cute clothes! My only real obsession is hats. I have a small head and they are so hard to find that I've considered taking a millinery course just so I could satisfy my obsession:) Thanks for the fun post!

Melissa Keir said...

Oohh Paris... you have to post your hats. I love hats but I never think to wear them!

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