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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Unbelievable facts! Read and marvel!!!!!

First I've gotta post my new hunky cover...isn't he luscious?  Quest for Magic is now out at MuseItUp and all the usual sites... I simply love this cover....

And on to these facts that really are truly pretty unbelievable.

1.  An average cloud weighs 216 thousand pounds. An average storm cloud weighs 105.8 million  pounds.

2.  If you live there 190 days a year and aren't convicted felon, you get an annual check from the state of Alaska just for not leaving.

3.  Glenn Buratti, who has epilepsy and autism, turned six in 2015. His mom invited his entire class to his birthday party, but no one came. Heartbroken, she posted about it in a Facebook group, and fifteen local kids showed up, as well as firefighters, police officers, the county sheriff and lots of presents.

4.  A 67-year-old woman named Dorothy Fletcher had a heart attack on a plane. When a stewardess asked if there was a doctor on board, 15 people stood up They were on their way to a cardiology conference. The woman survived.

5.  In 2007 Navy SEAL was shot 27 times by four Al Qaeda gunmen and hit by grenade shrapnel. He killed all four of the gunmen and walked out to the extraction helicopter. He recovered and is living with his wife and daughters.

6.  In 2010,  a three-year-old boy, playing with his father's metal detector for the first time, found a
16th century golden pendant estimated to be wroth $4 million.

7.  A dutch designer is working with scientists to create glow-in-the-dark trees, hoping to one day use them in place of street lights.

8. In very rare circumstances it is possible to see a  full 360 degree rainbow from an airplane.

9, Morgan Freeman wears earrings so that if he dies in a strange place they can pay for his coffin.

And my favorite by far.........

10.  The White House is not free for the President: he receives a bill for food and expenses every month.

Can you pick one that truly amazed you?  If so, I'd love to know your choice.

Comment here, or write me. If anybody picks my second choice they get to choose from my e-book list, on my recently jazzed-up website.


Cara Marsi said...

Jean, I love your cover. Congrats! These facts are amazing, and I can't really pick only one. I like the one about the Navy SEAL being shot 27 times. Whenever I watch an action movie, like Jason Bourne, or an action TV show, and the good guys never get wounded despite being outnumbered by the baddies, I think how unrealistic that is. Guess not so unrealistic after all. I like the one about the state of Alaska too. And the one about the little boy with autism broke my heart.

Paris said...

What a fabulous cover! He is verrrry handsome:) I always love your amazing facts but I'm with Cara about the Navy Seal. The one about the state of Alaska cracked me up! I wonder how long its been on the books? I remember reading about the little boy with autism and wondered why children aren't being taught compassion. The answer is obviously the parents who decided whether or not they should attend and that is a very sad state of affairs. I'm glad he ended up having a wonderful time with his guests!

Tina Donahue said...

I love your posts, Jean - they are amazing. Great cover!

jean hart stewart said...

You guys seem to have the same tastes as I do....As you might have guessed, I love crazy stuff like this. What that says about the inner me I'd rather not know....

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks to all of you,,,my second choice was the little boy with the mine detector....I can just picture that kid's reaction.....More coming next month....Jean

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