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Monday, August 8, 2016

One Foot In and One Foot Out with @Patyjag #Historical #Western #RB4U

I can never do just one thing. I always have to try this new thing or that new thing even though I may already have something like it that makes me happy.
I’m the same way with my writing. It started way back, when I decided I had to get some of the events and characters in my head down on paper. The first two novels I wrote were mysteries. They were what I read and what I felt the most comfortable writing. But back then, I had a hard time finding a mystery writing group who would take you in and help you master how to hide clues and mold a good villain.
One day I picked up a historical western by LaVyrle Spencer and then checked out every one of her books in my library. This was what I would write. Historical western romance. AND I found a group, Romance Writers of America, who welcomed me with open arms and friendly advice.
That was the start of my writing career. I sold my first historical western to a small romance publisher and I was on my way.  But alas, historical westerns weren’t selling and someone suggested I write a contemporary western. I pooh-poohed that idea at a local RWA chapter meeting, two hours from my home. On the drive home, a talk show comment sent my gears a turning. I had a story thought up by the time I arrived home. And that book was published. It also won an award for best contemporary romance. So I wrote another one while still writing historical westerns. After all, I had readers wanting more of my Halsey Brothers. How could I let them down?
But I wrote two contemporary westerns, then wrote a Native American paranormal romance trilogy, swung back to finish the Halsey brothers series, and launched an action adventure trilogy, I’d hoped to make a series, but my readers didn’t latch onto it even though the first book won an award and received great reviews. 
Readers wanted more historical westerns. I added another trilogy and novella to finish out the Halsey Brother series and went back to my first love- mysteries. Now there is so much online help for writers that I felt confident to write the mystery.
The Shandra Higheagle mystery series was born. My daughter asked me how many books I planned to write in this series. She told me to quit before it got stale. I have plans so far for at least a dozen of these mysteries. But it seems each book I write I come up with an idea for another book, so we’ll see. ;)
Now that the Halsey books are done and readers still wanted more historical westerns, I came up with the Letters of Fate series. The big appeal Mail Order Brides seem to have to readers was the catalyst for this series. Only I flipped the gender. I have men who receive letters that change their fates. The letters bring them together with strong women who capture their hearts. I’ve written three books in this series and my readers are happy with my choice.
But as you can see, I tend to jump from genre to genre, which in some instances hurt my momentum as an author of one genre while following my shiny new genre. Now I have one foot in mysteries and one foot in historical western romance, though I am thinking about resurrecting two contemporary western romance books ideas I’ve been sitting on. But I’ll stay true to my tagline: Steamy western romance and murder mysteries starring cowboys and Indians. 
As a reader, do you mind if a writer you like writes in more than one genre? Would you rather be signed up for a newsletter only in the genre you prefer from an author or receive one that talks about all the books in the various genres?

My newest release:
Brody: Letters of Fate
Historical western filled with steamy romance and the rawness of a growing country.
A letter from a grandfather he’s never met has Brody Yates escorted across the country to work on a ranch rather than entering prison. But his arrival in Oregon proves prison may have been the lesser of two evils. A revenge driven criminal, the high desert, and his grandfather’s beautiful ward may prove more dangerous than anything he’s faced on the New York docks.
Lilah Wells is committed to helping others: the judge who’d taken her in years ago, the neighboring children, and the ranch residents, which now includes the judge’s handsome wayward grandson. And it all gets more complicated when her heart starts ruling her actions.
About the Author
Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 25+ novels and over a dozen novellas and short stories of murder mystery, western historical romance, and action adventure. She has a RomCon Reader’s Choice Award for her Action Adventure and received the EPPIE Award for Best Contemporary Romance.  This is what reviewers says about her Letters of Fate Series: “What a refreshing and well written love story of fate and hope! Very well written but sometimes sizzling love scenes!”
All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Paty and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. Riding horses and battling rattlesnakes, she not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.
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Melissa Keir said...

There's no adventure if we never change and grow! Congrats on your many releases! :)

Paty Jager said...

HI Melissa, Thanks! Yes, I feel the need to write other things but it ruins my momentum as an author of some genres. I appreciate you stopping in an commenting!

Cara Marsi said...

Congratulations on your success and all your books, Paty. I've been told I should stick with one romance subgenre, but I like to jump around too.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Cara, Thank you for stopping in and your kind comment. Yes! It is hard to stick to one romance genre when great ideas come along. Good luck with your genre hopping!

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