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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Writing is the Spice of Life.... #RB4U @melissa_keir

Howdy friends! Hold onto your saddle, we are heading out today in a search for answers about writing. I'm Melissa Keir, your tour guide, each and every month on this date, as we take a peek into some strange events happening on my side of the world.

Some of you are probably wondering about my mental health. I can assure you that I'm perfectly fine, just a little tired. Recently, I went back to teaching full time as a long term guest teacher in my former classroom. With less sleep, I have hit a wall...a writing wall.
Yes, the dreaded "missing muse", the "I'd rather be sleeping than writing", and the "nothing sounds good when I do write". Has this happened to you? I'm sure you are nodding your heads, right now. 
But let me share with you what I've done to help myself. It's rather brilliant! I went back to the old staple of pen and paper. I'm now using a secretary's pad and writing out my ideas, longhand. I'm filling pages and pages of my story. So far about 6,000 words. 
It started one day while I was teaching. The students had a "read-in" day where they laid on the gym floor with a blanket, pillow, and a pile of books to read for an hour or so. I had to watch them but reading wasn't going to be an option for me. After all, someone had to remind them to read and not talk, or play with their stuffed animals. Luckily, I brought my pad and two pencils. Quickly, during that hour, the images flowed on to the page. Words flew from my fingers. It was a miracle. I didn't have to edit... (side bar- when I type, I HAVE to edit what I'm typing but with writing, I just crossed off and kept going.)

Now when I'm stuck, I pull my pad out and go to town. Yes, it is more work to put the written words back into the computer but that's easy and something I can do when I'm free (or not catching up on some ZZZZ's). 

If you don't believe me, just try it next time you are stuck! Grab your paper and a writing tool... find the freedom of letting go!

Please let us know if you have any tips for when you are stuck, at least tips that don't involve hitting your head against the wall!

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     We exited the front door, and I ran into a brick wall. Tilting my head back, I stared into the smoldering eyes of Lucas Pigg.
     “What’s this about your lipstick?” His gaze dipped to my lips. “I don’t know why you women think you need it.”
     Breathless, yet not wanting to show how he’d affected me, I took a step back. “Don’t you know, Pigg, women want attention drawn to ourselves?” I tried to keep the teasing in my voice. Treat him just like one of the guys. Talk like you would to Leary.
     “Without the makeup, women would be like this….” Leary tugged on his face, making it a hideous caricature of a Botox patient. Both men laughed.
     “I can’t see Lily looking hideous without makeup. Maybe this way.” Lucas yanked on his eyes and lips, making another face.
     The boys were joining in male bonding. A little twinge of anger flew into my stomach. But I realized it was just boys being boys. And if you can’t beat them, join ’em.
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Tina Donahue said...

Great idea, Melissa. Oddly enough, when I hit a plot or writing wall, ideas come to me while I'm on my stationary bike. Could be I had to exercise so much, my mind wanders so I don't know I'm so miserable. :)

Melissa Keir said...

Exercise bike would be a good way to get some ideas going. The other was a shower but writing in the shower is a challenge. My paper gets wet.

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Melissa. I wrote the first drafts of my first two novels in longhand. I still write my outlines and character sketches in longhand. I'll try doing more in longhand when I hit the writing brick wall. Something I've found that helps is thinking about my story during my daily 2-mile walk. Walking really helps clear the cobwebs in my head. Also, doing housework helps to clear my head.

Paris said...

I love the pen and paper approach. I think I read somewhere that the brain is stimulated in a different way than when you type into a computer. If I'm remembering this right, it might be the artistry of drawing the letters that sparks creativity. Seems reasonable:) I still plot my books in spiral notebooks before typing them into a file. When I'm stuck, I try relaxing by either cooking or dragging out the crayons and usually, my brain works it out.

jean hart stewart said...

Can't read my own writing so that won't work for me. I do always keep a notebook handy by the bed or in a car and write down a few words so I'll remember a positively brilliant idea when it comes to me. Then if I decipher it it sometimes works....!!

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful suggestions! I wish I could walk here. We live on a dirt road full of mud right now. I end up having to drive somewhere to walk and then it gets me down.

Paris-that makes sense. I know for me, it helps with the editing. When I'm typing I can't make a mistake. I HAVE to fix it right then. So by putting it with paper, I can cross off and be more free.

I'm sorry Jean. Sometimes I can't read mine either but that's when I know I'm really excited about what I'm writing!

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