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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year, already? #2016

My apologies for this being late, i have lost track of time here lately.  
The Holidays have me a bit flustered lol.

Please accept my wishes for a happy new year to you and yours !

It's almost hard to believe it's 2016.  
Seems like it just appeared, snuck up without me realizing it.

I've decided this year I wouldn't be doing any New Years resolutions but rather a
list of goals i would like to accomplish this year.
And of course weight loss is not on that list lol.  
That one never works for me anway.

However, one of my biggest goals is to write more.
The second one would be to get more organized.  Don't laugh, even though it might be a bit challenging, i do need to get more inline with myself.  Maybe then i'll be able to get more writing done while still maintaining my tour business.  I hate to have my writing taking a back seat to everything else, except my family of course.

Have you made any New Years resolutions or set any goals of your own for 2016?

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Melissa Keir said...

I don't make resolutions either. They never last. I always have writing goals but I feel so frustrated when I can't meet those. Example: I will write each day, then I have a day where I get busy with subbing or baking for my family...then the writing isn't done, so I feel bad about myself and then get upset which makes the writing not come either. *sigh*

Krista said...

That's what i'm afraid of Melissa. I have to do something though. I need to get myself motivated to get the writing done somehow :-)

Tina Donahue said...

I don't make resolutions - I just keep trudging along. :) Happy New Year! :)

Cara Marsi said...

Happy New Year, Krista. I'm not making resolutions this year either. Like you, I have goals.I always make writing goals but never keep them.I know what you mean about being organized. That's my goal every year and I'm still not organized.

jean hart stewart said...

I don't make resolutions either. Except one, hoping everyone I interact with is a little happier for the contact.

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