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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Guest Blog: @VickiBatman decorating with Holiday Flowers #RB4U #Holiday

Decorating with Holiday Flowers: Narcissus and Poinsettias

A few years back, my friends and I went on our annual girlfriend weekend to tour historical homes decorated for the holiday season. We always exchange a little something and one friend gave us a narcissus (paperwhite) bulb in a glass vase with stones at the bottom.

I was willing to follow the directions and help this flower bloom, but knowing I had a terrible track record with flowers, wasn’t optimistic. Imagine my surprise when a shoot and then another popped out of the blub. A stem developed and then, flowers.

Poinsettias are known for the red and green star-shaped foliage. Now, it comes in many colors other than the traditional red. The plant originated in Mexico and Central America. On line you can find directions on how to get them to bloom again the next year which I successfully did. However, when I went to try again, I forgot to water and yep, it died. Again, poor track record with plants.

My husband’s family has deep Texas roots. From Legends of the Poinsettia by Betty Barton there is this entry:  Our U. S. Ambassador to Mexico from 1825 to 1830, Dr. Joel Robert Poinsett was captivated by the beauty of “the Flower of the Holy Night.” He sent cuttings to his friend Wilson Barton in South Carolina. 

He was my husband’s great-grandfather and is now buried in a cemetery outside of Burnet, Texas. He named the wild Mexican plants “poinsettias” after Dr. Poinsett. 

Cool, huh?

What else is cool? Why the holiday anthology, Season of Surprises which features my romantic comedy short story, “Holiday Handbag Extravaganza.” 

Here’s a bit about it:

Christmas Countdown is on! Hunk-a-licious customer, Jack Treadaway, pesters boutique owner, Callie Woods, to locate a vintage handbag for his mother. Too bad the wedge between them is his sister,
the meanest girl in town.
Award-winning author, Vicki Batman, has sold many romantic comedy works to the True magazines, several publishers, and most recently, two romantic comedy mysteries to The Wild Rose Press. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and several writing groups. An avid Jazzerciser. Handbag lover. Mahjong player. Yoga practitioner. Movie fan. Book devourer. Chocoholic. Best Mom ever. And adores Handsome Hubby. Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking "What if??"

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What is your favorite holiday decoration?


Rose Anderson said...

I didn't know poinsettias were named after a Dr. Poinsett. I love trivia! Thanks for sharing, Vicki, and thanks for joining us today. Best luck and happy holidays to you and yours.

Melissa Keir said...

What a wonderful story. I love the family history and traditions. No worries for my plants... I don't touch them because I kill them. Hubby has the touch. I do not.

Cara Marsi said...

Vicki, how interesting your husband is related to the man who named the poinsettia. I love that flower. A neighbor gave us a paperwhite a few years ago and it was beautiful. I kill plants and flowers so my husband takes care of them and keeps me away. I love Holiday Handbag Extravaganza. I'm delighted to have a story in the Season of Surprises Holiday Box Set with you.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Rose! I thought interesting too. Happy holidays.

Hi, Melissa! I have a magic window. My friends are envious. I have 3 orchids and 2 African violets that bloom all the time. I just stick an ice cube in them. lol

Hi, Cara! OOPs. As you probably saw, I sent the wrong cover. But it is another anthology we are in together. Many hugs!!

J.M. Maurer said...

My mom used to store them in the closet during the off-season and bring them right back out in December. Enjoyed your post, Vicki. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you all the best!

vicki batman said...

Hi, JM! I actually did store a poinsettia and brought it back once. Actually was very surprised it worked for me. Hugs to you!!!

Marian Lanouette said...

My husband started giving me silk plants and flowers. My thumb is definitely brown, but oh, how I love the real thing.

jean hart stewart said...

I have a gardener who comes a few hours a week and he's brought back poinsettias for two years straight. This year, they gave up though, so I joyfully bought new ones. As long as I don't touch them they will be fine.....

vicki batman said...

Hi, Marian! Your guy is pretty smart. Sometimes, I get grocery store flowers and if he has been very naughty, I get ordered arrangement. LOL

Hi, Jean! Isn't it funny how some people have the magic touch and others don't. My grandmother grew about fifteen green roses from a cutting she got when she retired. Lordy. She was amazing.

Angela Adams said...

I love poinsettias! One of my favorite children's books is "The Legend of the Poinsettia" by Tomie dePaola.

Gerri Brousseau said...

I had a poinsettia that bloomed for years. I finally gave it away because I moved. I'm pretty good with plants. Cool story about your husband and the poinsettia.
I enjoyed your story very much, especially since, like you, I'm very fond of handbags. Loved working with you in Season of Magic and Season of Surprises. Look forward to doing so again.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I'm going to have to look up the book. My sons read many of his stories. Hugs!

Hi, Gerri! Obviously, you have a green thumb! I thought the family history part was cool, too. That family has some pretty interesting stuff in it.

I loved working with you too. I'm hearing next year calling!!!

M True Teller said...

Neat story about the pointsettia naming. LIKE!

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