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Monday, November 9, 2015

Who Would You Invite? #November #RB4U @melissa_keir

Who Would You Invite??

Hello and welcome to everyone. It's Melissa Keir once again talking about romance books and life. This month our theme is the best party. I love planning parties. Attending them, not so much...but I adore picking out the food, planning who to invite and creating a wonderful setting for people to gather.

Just imagine, you are having a party and can invite anyone you want, living, dead, real or fantasy...Who Would You Invite?
I'm sure there are so many different answers out there. I'd love to spend another day with my family who passed on, but I think the best party to have would be if your own book characters came to life and attended the party. Can you just imagine?

Jake and Angela along with her daughter, Taylor. Of course, Jake's brother would show up. He does a lot of lurking in the book...determined to get back at Jake.

But it wouldn't be a party without Johnson and Debra...She's probably scoping out my house to see how much she can list it for. But if these two are coming to the party, make sure you hide the alcohol. We don't want them to fall off the wagon again.

Rob and Keira would certainly want to come. Hopefully, they won't cause a scene with their fights. With their marriage on the rocks, putting them together along with others is like adding fuel to a fire. Keira's certain to think Rob's flirting and then all H*ll will break loose!

Throw in Lissa and Alex as well as his ex-wife and Lissa's best friend...Chloe...Well, let's just say, my house isn't big enough to keep them apart and not fighting. Hopefully, Chloe has worked on her own marriage so she doesn't have to try to get Alex back.

As you can see, this party will be anything but ordinary. I'd love to sit back and watch the interactions. To make the party more interesting, throw in a few vampire hunters, shifters, and skin-walkers and you have a fabulous event. No one is going to be worried about the food with so many interesting people there!

Who would you invite to your party? What characters would you want to show up and how would they act? I'd love to hear your insights....

Melissa Keir writes small town romances that sizzle. She's also the local radio movie reviewer and owns her own publishing house. When not busy, she dreams of becoming a drag racer and living life on the beach. You can find out more about her and her books at her website or Amazon.


Cara Marsi said...

This is great, Melissa. I love the idea of inviting my characters to a party. I'd have the whole Callahan-Tanner-Santisi families from my Redemption series. Of course, Jake and Graceann from A Groom for Christmas. And I could go on. I really enjoyed your post, and I love the covers for your books.

Tina Donahue said...

What great books you write, Melissa. Loved the posters too. :) If I had a party, I'd invite all my heroes. Love every one of them.

Rose Anderson said...

That's such a fun idea! I agree with all of the above. :)

Polly McCrillis said...

Fun, fun post, Melissa!! What a great idea, having my book characters attend a party. I can just imagine Lord Atherton of 1828 London having a heart-to-heart with Reese Adams, very rough around the edges and irreverent female PI in Denver, present day. And dozens of characters from time travel short stories, historicals and 21st century. Thanks for the smile!

Paris said...

Love the idea of inviting my characters to a party! I've just started writing historical romance again so it would have to be a costume party that might have more than a little bite as some of my characters are also shifters, lol! Thanks for such a fun post and as usual, food for thought:)

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you all for the comments. I can't imagine some of the most amazing parties! It would be like the League of Extraordinary Men....a piece of so many literary characters! Can you just see them all talking about life?? I think some of the historical characters would be horribly shocked by the clothes and manners of today!

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