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Monday, November 2, 2015

It's November already? Let's PARTY !!

Better late than never, isn't that what they say?

I am so sorry for almost missing my day blogging today.  The start to November has been a rough one.  First may i give my condolences to Fran Lee.  While I didn't know her, i feel for the friends and loved ones that did.  Any time we lose a member of our 'author team' we all feel the loss deeply!

Thanks again for being patient with me !

So again we are off to a new month and a new start.  November 2nd has come !

Our writing topics this month are:
Birthstone and Flower
Citrine (or Topaz) - healing quartz; support, vitality and health
(white chrysanthemum, absolute truth and fidelity; red, love)

OR Theme

Best party ever! Real or imagined, the party of your dreams and your guest list

I think the BEST PARTY EVER sounds pretty good to me, and fun :)

I've definitely given my share of parties with 4 kids in the house but those were always for someone else. I definitely like the planning process but it's way easier to plan for kids than adults.   No way would i be up for a surprise party either.  My hubby has inquired and i threatened him with his life :)

 My idea of the BEST PARTY EVER i think would be a book party.  But don't laugh.  Does it make me lame?
 I love being an author and i think it would be pretty cool to get big enough to go on a national book tour but to start out with a big party at my house.  

Attendees would definitely be all the family that could come and then all my author friends.  

I'm always jealous to hear about the book conventions and conferences everyone goes to throughout the year because i've wanted to go to one forever.  With 4 kids at home though, makes it kind of tough to go away by myself for that long.  Not sure the hubs would have the patience to handle the kids on his own for that long lol. 

Until then, i'll  live vicariously through others as i see them partying away on facebook :)

What's your idea of...


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Melissa Keir said...

Alright... I'm coming to visit you!! I'll see you in a few hours! One day those little ones won't be so little and you'll be able to go on all the conferences you have dreamed of!

Cara Marsi said...

I like your idea of a book party. I'm there.

Krista said...

Oh that day will be bittersweet when it comes, ill be one sad mamma but ready to party!

Krista said...

Great Cara! We'll party it up!

Paris said...

I love the idea of a book party!Sign me up!

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