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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The wonderful series, Entice Me!!!!!

I'm so pleased to be a part of this anthology, coming October 10th,

Here's the blurb, or at least one of the shorter blurbs, just to tell you a little of the story to hook your interest. And the you'll meet our hero, Lord Marcus Montieth, in  personal interview.

Blurb for Desire’s Dilemma

Feeling long neglected by her new guardian, Lady Valanna’s resentment quickly turns to attraction when she finally meets the war-wounded Marcus, Marquis of Tendale. Once a British spy who barely survived interrogation at the hands of the enemy, Marcus believes his wounds forever stand in the way of his long-held love for Valanna. Valanna disagrees, emphatically. Will they ever reconcile their differences and find happiness?

The interview Marcus reluctantly gives tells more of the story.

Interview of Marcus Montieth, Marquis of Tendale, hero of Desire’s Dilemma.

Q1 (interviewer)
“Don’t you think you treated Lady Valanna rather shabbily? And for such a long time, too.”

A1 (Lord Marcus) “I have to agree. But I could do nothing else.”

Q2. “Is that the answer of a gentleman? Especially one responsible for the welfare of a young lady like Valanna? You were her guardian, were you not?”

A2. “It’s all the answer I can give you. I regret being unable to say more.”

Q3. “You are not really helping, are you, my lord? You have told us exactly nothing.
A3. (Looks at interviewer haughtily) “Then perhaps you should try another line of questioning. I am not likely to tell you secrets behind Valanna’s back. She too, would like to know the answers to your rather impertinent questions.”

Accompanied by a sigh from the interviewer
Q4. “Was it another woman, perhaps, that dictated your cold treatment of her?”
A4. “By god, if you were not someone I had agreed to talk to, I’d shove your dastardly words down your stupid throat. There had never been another woman for me. Ever. Perhaps we should cease this interview as of now.”

Q5. “My lord, I do beg your pardon. I am trying to get at the truth here, and your answers are puzzling to say the least. Shall I try again?  Does Lady Valanna know the secrets you are so carefully guarding?”
A.  “We will either leave Lady Valanna out of this interview 
or it is over.”

Q6. (sighing) “Can you tell us about your war experiences and how they have affected your romantic life?”
A. “No. Your impertinence knows no bounds. One more question like that and I will meet you outside to teach you manners. You might find I am not as crippled as you seem to think.”

Q7. “Can you tell us anything, anything at all, about your war experiences? It is known you were on Wellington’s staff, but then you dropped out of sight.”
A7. A long silence, and finally Lord Monteith speaks.

“I regret giving you this interview. It is evident there is little I can tell you. Good day to you, sir.”

The Marquis of Tendale leaves. Perhaps not gracefully, but with determination. The journalist stands and stares after him. This was a great lord he must not offend, but he knew in his bones there was a story here he had failed to uncover.

Hope you're intrigued. This was a fun story to write. 

See you next month..


Cara Marsi said...

Jean, I can't wait to read your story. The interview is great and makes me want to know more.

Denysé Bridger said...

This sounds wonderful, Jean!! Congrats, and I'm looking forward to reading your intriguing tale!!

Melissa Keir said...

Sounds exciting and he was certainly hiding something! :) Best of luck with the release!!

Tina Donahue said...

Congrats, Jean - and ladies. Sounds like a wonderful read - sooooo looking forward to enjoying this. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks to you all for your kind comments. This has been an amazing amount of work for everyone involved, but also a lot of fun. And yes, Marcus is hiding a lot!

Rose Anderson said...

That was fun. It's going to be great!

jean hart stewart said...

Definitely... and we all owe you our deepest thanks, Rose.

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