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Monday, September 7, 2015

Guest Blog: It Ain’t Easy Writing Hot Highlanders @Sabrina_York #RB4U

It Ain’t Easy Writing Hot Highlanders

I’ve spent the last year living in a Highland romance, writing the Untamed Highlander series for St. Martin’s Press, creating my wounded Waterloo warrior in Tarnished Honor and entertaining myself with the Dundragon Time Travel Trilogy. I fell in love with the characters, the settings and the mood of the work.

But I’ll be honest. It ain’t easy writing scorching Highland romances with big, brawny, savage heroes. Here are some of the challenges I faced in the past year.

But no worries, my darling reader. I am more than happy to take the bullet and suffer these trials. Just remember, I do it all for you!

The Top Ten Challenges of Writing Hot Highlanders

#10  Incessantly flipping through pictures of thousands of gorgeous, hunky men in kilts looking for exactly the right inspiration

#9 Taste tasting Scottish shortbread. You know. You make sure I "get it."

#8 Watching an endless loop of The Highlander to make sure I get the accent (and the swordplay) right

#7 Picking a time period in the Scottish history where my beloved characters have a chance of living happily ever after post-story

#6 Deciding how much dialog to "Scotify" so people get the flavor but don’t have trouble understanding what the characters are saying.

#5 Trying to find a location that is more than desolate sea coast and moors

#4  Keep getting stalled on the sex scenes. (Needs more editing, or at least to be read again!)

#3 My heroes declare their undying love for me, causing an awkward situation with my heroines…

#2 Plotline inexplicably veers off into a Gothic Novel with Ghosts and dour Lairds

#1 I keep getting distracted by my hero’s hotness

I’ve loved writing these books so much, I am even planning a visit to Scotland this fall. I’d love to hear your suggestions on things I should see and do (but be gentle. It’s my first time!)


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Sabrina York said...

Thank you for sharing!

Rose Anderson said...

I love your top ten! Thanks for joining us today, Sabrina. Best luck to you and your Highlanders. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Sabrina, I feel your pain in having to wade through pages of hot guys and all that research, including eating authentic Scottish shortbread. Your covers are gorgeous. Your stories sound terrific, and scorching. All that research paid off.

jean hart stewart said...

Sounds like a fantastic series....I think I'd better get out my fan.

Sabrina York said...

:D Thank you all for stopping by!!!!

Kim Ellis said...

Love your books & book covers!!

Melissa Keir said...

Fun top ten. I might have to reread this a few times myself. Just for research.

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