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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Welcome to day 2 of September !

I'm Krista Ames and this is my day.

And yes...noting the time this posts, i forgot it was my day...shhh, don't tell anyone :)

This month our theme is Absolutely.... The birthstone, Sapphire (promoter of chaste love, health, peace of mind and psychic vision) and flower, Aster (talisman of love, patience).   

I'm sure you can tell by the title of the post, i chose Absolutely.  Since none of my family was born in the month of September, it seemed like an ABSOLUTE choice :)

Can anyone please tell me, where exactly has the time gone?  It feels like just last week my kids were getting out of school and now i'm prepping them to return in a week for another year.  
That is ABSOLUTELY astounding to me.  

Here in Michigan, we are blessed with the law of kids not returning to school until after Labor Day.  Well i don't know about any of you but it actually makes me happy.  I love having them around me.

When i was thinking about what i should write for the theme of Absolutely, a wonderful author friend asked me, "what is absolute for you?"   The first and only thing that popped into my mind was my children. 

Please meet my kids, Taylor (16) 
Chase (12)  &  Bailey (9), and oh
 there's also myself and my dad :)

They are it for me, my life in a nutshell.  A mom is what i always wanted to be when i grew up.  Well let me tell ya, i had an ABSOLUTELY terrific mom myself and she really made it look easy.   I often call her when i need to vent about one thing or another  that one of my kids has done but as they grow, i sure couldn't be more proud to be their mom!

One of the many things i love about my kids is they are so easy going and fun loving.   They always have a smile for anyone at any time...well almost any time :)

 And, I ABSOLUTELY love to play right along with them.  When it's 10 pm and the kids approach me at my computer and say "mom can we go to the park?"  Well, of course my answer is ABSOLUTELY !!  We do that often too, during the summer at least or on the weekends.  There's a light at the school playground but it's more fun once the night lights all go off so we can play hide-n-seek.  

We are also a selfie family, without that blasted selfie stick :)  My kids are the worst too.  Remind me never to put my phone down because they will go crazy and i won't even know it til days later when i'm looking for a certain picture.  Good thing i have alot of memory on my phone.

I think one of the absolute best things about my children is that they really love and love to be with each other !  I feel like so far, I've absolutely done my job with them!

 So, what about you?  What's absolute in your life??


Cara Marsi said...

What a wonderful tribute to your children, Krista. Absolutely! Loved the pictures.

Tina Donahue said...

Your kids are adorable. No wonder you smile so much. :)

Melissa Keir said...

You do have wonderful children! They are a reason to get up and smile each day! Cherish this time with them, it goes by WAY too fast!

Judy Baker said...

Lovely to meet your family, Krista. Time is flying by, especially when I look at how old my children are and how big my grandkids are getting! Enjoy each day.

Rose Anderson said...

How nice to learn more about you, Krista. An absolutely wonderful tribute to those you love best.

Krista said...

Thanks so much everyone !! I do love my children and wish i could just freeze them at their ages right now, along with mine lol.

stanalei said...

Love this post! How fun to play hide-and-seek so late. I remember those day, but my mom had no idea where we were.

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