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Monday, July 20, 2015

Interview of Cover Model, Grigoris Drakakis: Greek Gods To Drool Over

Grigoris Drakakis
What a treat to be able to interview such an interesting and handsome man, who is also one of the most successful cover models in history. When I hear the term "Greek God" I shall forever think of Grigoris. I know I'd completely lose it if I met him in person.

Oh this is tough work, but someone's got to do it!

We did this interview through an interpreter friend of Grigoris'. I have left some of his translated idioms in place on purpose, because I think it gives us more of a color and feel of the man inside the statue.

1. How did you get started modeling? What was your first paying gig?
At the beginning I did it for the money but in the process I loved it.  I have worked in many areas of modeling such as photography, advertising, television, shows and on stage as well…. The first photograph I did was with a site modelwin that helped me decide to go professionally. The first portfolio that I remember I did was with Katie Machalister Much Ado about Vampires in New York. This made me feel wonderful because I took part and gave me the opportunity to be part of a book of a very significant author from the US.

2. What was the most difficult thing getting started? What was your most difficult shoot?
Every new beginning has difficulties, so I also faced some, which I overcame with time. Of course there are and will always be difficulties, besides if there weren't any, then it wouldn't be interesting and wouldn't motivate for more efforts in becoming better. The most difficult shoot was when I worked outside during the winter with very low temperatures and rain. It seemed simple but it was very difficult. In these situations I imagine my body warm…in some situations  though I have gotten sick and was in bed for days with a high fever.

3. Have you ever turned down a shoot or modeling job? If so what? Why?
I have turned down shoots that had inappropriate nudity.

(So glad he said inappropriate. We like him fairly skimpily clad, right?)

4. What do you like about being a romance novel icon?
Reading romance novels is entertaining, so I feel very nice to be a novel icon on these romantic novels because is like contributing in a way to the entertainment of the people.

(Great answer.)

5. What do you like about romance writers in general (or do you think we're all a bunch of oversexed crazies)?

Generally I admire people of intellect, so most writers, at least those whom I have met personally, are intellectual, educated, serious and cultivated. 

(I'm wondering now how many conventions he's been to.)

6. If you could live anywhere and money was no object, where would you live?
I would love to travel, live and meet cultures and traditions of different places as much as I can. Is a life dream. I would like to go to my favorite place like a Safari in Africa . At this point I live in Greece where I believe is one of the most beautiful countries and I feel blessed that I live so many years here. I have visited the US for work. I have lived in Los Angeles where I have friends which are like family to me. Los Angeles is very special. The people are friendly and the rhythm of life is without stress. The climate is warm in contrast to New York where it is a beautiful state, friendly but the people have a lot of stress, fast paced and the weather is very cold. So that is why I would like to move to Los Angeles because of professional proposals and opportunities that would help me with my career in modeling

7. If you have one, does your significant other ever get jealous of your work?
Generally I try not to provoke so I prevent these kinds of behaviors. Surly in the past has happened a few times.

8. What do you like least about what you do?
Nothing, I love my job and it fulfills me.

9. If you could do anything else and money was no object, what would you do?
 Of course I would like to buy a house with swimming pool and an expensive sport car but apart of what might all of us want, I would like to be able to help poor people and those who really need help.

10. What is one thing probably very few people know about you?
I don't think that there is any... Generally I open up and I have talked in previous interviews I think about everything that concerns me.

11. Who do you admire most in your field?
There are many models that I admire but I wouldn't like to name any as I might forget some and be unfair to them.

12. Do you have any favorite authors? Who?
Of course I have favorite authors, some of them are my friends so I wouldn't like to refer in details in order not to be unfair to others that they might deserve it too.

(I know, many of these answers are unfair. Sorry.)

13. What advice would you give authors about choosing a cover model or cover for their books? And what makes a good cover, in your opinion? The model? Photographer?
Definitely they should see their previous work that they have done for covers or professional shootings, as a model that has been chosen to do shootings for many book covers means that is good and this is a criteria to choose them. A good cover depends on many factors….certainly a good model or a good photographer on their own is not enough…the model should on its own  photograph in a picture with the camera and emanate experience by taking the right poses and the right expressions according to the concept of the photograph…the photographer should know how to utilize the proper lighting so as to be able to promote the best characteristics of the model with the highest dynamics and certainly there should be a person like the  cover artist  that knows very well how to process the image so that the final result of the cover is the best it can be.

14. Where have you lived? Name all the countries or cities you've lived in?
I was born in Greece, lived in Athens until I was 8 years old and then I moved to Lavrio which is a small city a bit further out from Athens. I have lived for small periods in America where I did jobs in New York and Los Angeles.

15. What was the sexiest, most exotic photo shoot you've done?
I have done many sexy shootings, I don't know which of them are considered sexier, but I have never done nude shootings. I have done photographs in beautiful places that look exotic but I have never been in a real exotic place. I would love the opportunity to do such a photograph on the islands of Fiji…I would think of many different concepts in such a magical enchanting place.

16. What else do you do well? Hobbies?
 Kick Boxing, weight training, boxing.

Well, it's been a pleasure having you here today. I can't wait until our paths cross next year at RT. Until then, keep those wonderful sexy covers coming. I'm sure millions of women are loving all the success you're having! Thanks for being so generous with your time.

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Fran Lee said...

Thanks so much for the great interview. Grigoris is a beautiful man, and someone any author would be proud to have gracing his/her cover. I hope to see more of this handsome young man on future books I read.

Sharon Hamilton said...

I totally agree, Fran. He is absolutely gorgeous. I will be posting some of the many covers he sent to use. You can be sure he'll be gracing our blog page for weeks and months to come!!

julie beasley said...

Interesting interview. I'm a cover lover and have really enjoyed seeing him on different covers. I wish him all the best for the future

Melissa Keir said...

It's nice putting a name to a face as well as learning about such a wonderful cover model. I'm sure you will continue to be very successful. All the best!

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel said...

A Greek God if I ever saw one and friendly to go with it. Fabulous interview, Grigoris and Sharon.

Tina Donahue said...

Whoa - could barely get past the pictures to read the interview! :)

Rose Anderson said...

Loved the interview. The right cover hero can add so much to the reader's imagination. Thanks for joining us today. My best for your future projects.

Karen McCullough said...

It's always interesting to hear how a cover model approaches the job. Thank you for sharing!

J Hali Steele said...

Great interview guys. I'm inspired to write a book based in Fiji so Grigoris can visit the island and perhaps be on my cover!

Cara Marsi said...

Great interview. I really enjoyed getting to know you, Grigoris. Loved looking at your pictures too.

Janice Seagraves said...

I'm thinking really hard about which of my stories Grigoris would be good for. :)


Shannon Burdsall said...

Thanks for a fantastic interview! It was great getting to know him better and see what a great person he is and very thoughtful!

jean hart stewart said...

Interesting, to say the least. He's obviously developed skill at evading some type of questions. Have to admire his brains as well as the gorgeous rest of him.

Denysé Bridger said...

Fascinating interview. Well done. He's an interesting man.

Renee Vincent said...

Great interview Grigoris and Sharon!!! I totally enjoyed my visit to RB4U today! ♥

Sandy said...

I think Grigoris sounds like a wonderful person as he thinks of others. I know as he climbs up the letter of success that he'll help others. Great interview, Sharon.

J.M. Maurer said...

I loved this interview! He is beautiful inside and out. Thanks for such a fantastic post!

stanalei said...


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