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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Eyes of July?

Why do women love men with hot eyes?

Why do women drool over men with sexy eyes? July is typically a month where people run around with very few clothes's hot, right? Walk around any neighborhood in July, and you'll be sure to find any number of hot guys wearing jeans or shorts without shirts. But I think ogling a man's biceps and pecs has no meaning if his eyes can't hold a woman's attention.

Take, for example the eyes shown here...eyes that seem to pull you in...get your motor revving...get your juices flowing. Eyes that make a woman wonder what a man is thinking when she catches his glance.

 There are some men whose eyes tell a story. About the man. About his thoughts. About his honesty...or lack of it. Have you ever met a pair of masculine eyes across a room and gotten a jolt that left you gasping...drooling...or frightened?

 Have you met a man at a party, and couldn't take your eyes from his? Especially when he won't take his eyes off you? What goes through your mind? What shakes you the most? His eyes, or how they make you feel? 
Without the full-body view, or even the full face view, it's hard to tell whose eyes you are looking into. Some are totally recognizable...others are not. If it is true that the eyes are the windows of the soul, take a moment and then let me know whose eyes these are...what man owns them? Note:  E-mail me your don't want to give your competition an edge, do you?

 If you get them ALL right, I'll send you something...if you get at least three right, your name will go into the hat for an e-book. The winner will be drawn on July 24th.

So enjoy ogling those July hotties mowing their lawns or lying beside their pools...then get a good, long look into those July eyes...


Fran Lee

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Fran Lee said... got three of these correct. I will send you an e-book shortly. Hope you enjoy it!

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