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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A touch of summer from Eastern Canada #RB4U #RomFantasy

Most people love summer, and look forward to the freedom it offers them to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I’m not one of those people. Despite the inconvenience when snow piles up all over the place, I much prefer the cold Winter magic to the heat and humidity of East Coast living. However, when I do venture out into the summer sun, and it does happen once in a while, I love to go places locally that take me near the water. I thought I’d share some of the lovely places I tend to go to clear my head and rejuvenate, because they are truly beautiful.

Most people have heard of Peggy’s Cove if they’ve ever looked up Nova Scotia for any reason. It’s iconic worldwide as a symbol of this little province jutting out from the east side of Canada. (The only place more eastern than us is the island of Newfoundland.) I like to visit Peggy’s Cove every couple of years if possible, even though it’s a two hour drive from me. There’s a lovely restaurant that is busy all year round, and the Lighthouse in the summer is the post office, so loads of people like to mail cards from there to get the special postmark they use.

Sadly, far too many visitors tend to ignore the inherent dangers of getting too close to the immense power of the Atlantic Ocean as it crashes onto the rocks of Peggy’s Cove. Every year several people get too close in their curiosity to go down on the rocks and they are swept into the surf. Some are rescued and survive, most do not. There are signs everywhere telling people to stay off the rocks, though there are always those who want to ignore and end up paying a terrible price. Recently an American visitor was swept into the water when a wave crashed onto the rocks and pulled him down. He was rescued by a local fishing boat and he and his partner have been trying to rally people into having the area fenced off–the locals are not having any of it. I can’t blame them, fencing would destroy the majestic grandeur of the place, and people need to be more responsible for themselves.

Last time I visited, I took photos, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you:


Closer to home, but equally lovely is McCormack’s Beach, and the Fisherman’s Cove area of Eastern Passage. This is only 15 minutes from me, and I go there often. The boardwalk is one kilometre, so it’s great to walk a few rounds on it while enjoying the ocean breeze at the entrance to Halifax Harbour. There’s always a sailboat or two on the water, and the fog devils on a misty day are awesome!! There’s a great restaurant, a tourist centre, an art gallery, and shops in the Cove area, and the beach… Have a look:

The Boondocks Restaurant and Lounge:

And, of course, anyone with kids might recognize this guy sitting in Halifax Harbour, it’s Theodore Tugboat!

Enjoy the Sunshine!!


Lynda Bailey said...

Lovely post, Denyse...and I'm totally with you in the cold versus hot debate. If you're cold, put clothes on and you'll be warmer. If you're hot, taking off all your clothes off will still leave you hot. Of course being naked has its advantages... LOL!

Daryl Devore said...

Ah! A Maritime summer. Love to visit the east coast in the summer. Went last year - had a nice lobster feed - visited PEI - stayed with husband's family in NB - toured NS. Great time - always sad to head back to Ont.

Cara Marsi said...

Beautiful pictures, Denyse. I'd love to visit PEI and Newfoundland. The pictures remind me of the coast of Maine. I lived in Toronto during the late 60's, and as a person who loves hot weather, the cold there was more than I could take. Hated all that snow. Give me hot, hot any time.

stanalei said...

I love the pictures, Denyse! What a beautiful coast line. Definitely, keep the Americans from dictating any landscape changes.

Melissa Keir said...

Wow... I didn't know this existed. Now I want to visit! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to add it to my vacation wish list!

CA Knoble said...

Nice post and you took some beautiful pictures! I'll have to come visit you someday so you can show me around there. And I'll stay off the rocks. :)

Roberta said...


Oh, this all looks gorgeous, and I would love to visit - once I'm able to travel again! Hey, you know me and lighthouses!


Tina Donahue said...

Would love to visit there - have to say, I do get tired of summer in PS.

Denysé Bridger said...

Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments. This truly is a beautiful place to live, and even though I get frustrated with the ever-changing weather, I can't imagine living anywhere else!!

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