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Saturday, July 25, 2015

7 Authors – 7 Divas – not by @DarylDevore #RB4U #Romance

I had the pleasure of being asked to join a group of authors to create a box of crash romance stories. Each story starts with a plane crash and ends with a Happily Ever After. Simple, right? Not exactly. More like terrifying. Look at the quality of the authors I'd been selected to be with. I had to put on my big girl panties and get down to work.
Seven authors can easily have 7 different and delicate egos, but not once was there any serious drama in the group. Everyone was professional and supportive. If someone had a "silly" question, no one mocked them, just helped answer the problem. When asked where everyone wanted to be placed in the lineup – 6 responses were anywhere. Mine was, “I'll go first.” I had an idea how to prep the whole concept with a replica crash report and it needed to go first. People have stepped up in organizing blogs, a Thunderclap campaign, a Facebook event and other promotional items. So this anthology is truly written by seven authors – not a diva in the crowd.
Now, how does this tie into a July theme here on RB4U. Two words – beach scene. Five of the crash romances happen on tropical islands. Which is an interesting story in itself. When D'Ann Lindun and Brenda Dyer came up with the idea of the box set all the stories were supposed to originate from one plane crash. Each author scurried off to their writing gave and dug in to creating their story. Someone asked a question on our Facebook page and it turned out 6 people had 6 different versions of the crash and Jenna moved the crash to England – which I will concede is an island, but not tropical. I had the plane breaking up after crashing on a coral reef, the front end sinks first and the back end sinks in a storm. Another author had the back end sinking right away. Another author…well, you get the idea.
After a moment's panic, our fabulous leader, D'Ann said – pick your location and go. And we did. We wrote these stories over the past winter, which I will say was one of the worst where I live in Ontario. My hero, Guy, even thinks about that.
Guy smiled. Those palm trees along the shoreline looked a lot better than the massive, dirty snow banks back home. And the sea breeze rustling his hair was like a warm embrace, not like a hard slap of the brutal Ontario winds in January.  
But it is the love affairs that bloom as the couples struggle for survival among the palm trees, sea views and long sandy beaches. There is just something about a beach that seems to bring out the romance; even in a difficult situation as a crash.
Seven planes lift off…seven planes crash…seven stories of struggle, passion and love in the barren Canadian Wilderness, the coast of England, or the steamy heat of a tropical island. Romance hangs in the balance between survival and death.

Brace for Impact by Daryl Devoré. What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for rookie flight attendant, Lori, and sexy R.C.M.P. officer, Guy Lapierre? But Fate had other intentions.

Crashing into You by Lisa Kumar When Ashlee Trent meets handsome businessman Kaiden West on a plane to Australia, he eases her fears even as he sets her heart ablaze. But after their plane crashes into the ocean and they wash ashore, will the secrets surrounding him send their budding relationship into a nosedive?

Crash and Burn by Melissa Keir Can Rob and Keira's second honeymoon lead to romance, or will it crash and burn? On the verge of a divorce, Rob and Keira Matthews book a second honeymoon at the urging of their counselor. Unable to conceive, they've pushed each other away in an effort to protect their hearts. Will a romantic holiday be the ticket to love or a plane crash in disaster??

Crashing Through Time by Jenna Jaxon The most dangerous thing about time travel is knowledge of the past: does she save him and change history, or let the tragic events play out and lose the love of her life?
More than hearts can be broken when you crash through time

Love Comes Crashing In by Brenda Dyer Best friends find love in each other's arms, but can that love survive reality.

Falling Hard by D'Ann Lindun He craves solitude to forget what a woman did to him. She needs one last chance before her career ends. Can a plane crash in the Canadian Rockies show them what really matters?

and A Splash of Romance by Deb Julienne Hannah Parks is a trauma nurse on her way to a symposium at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. She just started her bucket list and a plane crash definitely isn't on it. Oliver Lawson's divorce is almost final and he's looking to start over. A tropical island, a gorgeous woman, and romance is one thing, getting there as a result of a crash landing...who knew?


Cara Marsi said...

All the stories sound wonderful. What a unique concept. It's on my TBR pile.

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful post Daryl. You really did hit it on the head. Even when we all tried to work it out that the same crash was happening, no one pulled any Diva punches. We are friends first, professionals second and authors third...our egos weren't even in the mix. I've known about book bundles that struggled because of Diva-like behavior (none that I've ever been in) but to be successful in a group- any group- we need to work together.

Your post also reminded me of RB4U. We are a group. No one pulls any Diva-antics around the place. In this case, Marianne is our faithful leader (and does it well), to a rag tag group of authors who all know that it takes a community. We support each other, build each other up rather than fight for first place. Heck! There's room for all of us!

Again, wonderful post Daryl!!

Daryl Devore said...

Thanks for letting me take over the blog and talk about this great group of authors and the fabulous box set.

Rhonda Duffy said...

Great post! It's nice to get a feel how these amazing stories were born. And with such talented authors, how could you go wrong?

Lynda Bailey said...

This book bundle looks AWESOME! Best of luck, ladies... ;)

jean hart stewart said...

Looks like you all had a great experience writing this set. I'm sure that will shine through. Lots of luck with this.

Paris said...

Your stories sound amazing! Good luck with the boxed set!

stanalei said...

That is an amazing collaboration! Congratulations to all of you for pulling it off and staying friends!

D'Ann said... are the best bunch to work with! It has been fun!

Liza O'Connor said...

I have read all the stories in this box set, and it's a treasure! All Different, all fabulous.

Brenda said...

Fantastic post, Daryl.
This was my first time writing for an antho, and you ladies have made it such a wonderful experience that I would love to do this again.

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