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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Guest Blog: Lisa Carlisle: Weddings - Romantic and Stressful!

Weddings are all about love and romance. You're surrounded by couples who've been together for many years and celebrating the union of a couple who are pledging to do the same. Unfortunately, they can also be stressful to take part in or attend--so much involved including travel, events, planning, outfits, and gifts.

In my short romance, Better than Cake, the story is set around a couple attending the wedding of a college friend Stephanie has lost touch with. After numerous weddings that year, the stress has taken it's toll on them both. Stephanie and Johnny have a huge fight before the reception, one that threatens their marriage. Can they save it before it's too late?

After the worst fight of their relationship, the last place Stephanie wants to be is a wedding reception. She still can’t get over what happened. Could their five years of marriage be destroyed after a blast of heated words? Johnny suggested separating. Separating! Now with her marriage on the line, she has to put on a brave face and pretend love is grand.

Johnny doesn’t know why he’d freaked out the way he had and is left with one emotion. Regret. He doesn’t want to lose Stephanie. He must find her and make things right.

Stephanie enters the reception, fearing the end of her marriage. Johnny has something else in mind—a much more decadent proposal that will turn her friend’s wedding into an event they’ll never forget.

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“A beautiful short story over how something bad can be turned into something nice.”

“A great short story. I really liked the story, the wedding excited them and I liked how it ended as well. It was fun and a quick witty and naughty story.”

“A delightful short story that shows the impact words can make but how love, determination, and forgiveness can right the wrong.”

USA Today bestselling author Lisa Carlisle loves stories with dark, brooding heroes and independent heroines. She’s honored to be a multi-published author writing in different genres since she’s wanted to be a writer since the sixth grade. For much of her professional career, she’s written non-fiction — but she’s discovered writing romance is the most fun. Her romances have been named Top Picks at Night Owl Reviews and All Romance Ebooks.

When she was younger, she worked in a variety of jobs, moving to various countries. She backpacked alone through Europe, and lived in Paris before returning to the U.S. She owned a bookstore for a few years as she loves to read. She’s now married to a fantastic man, and they have two kids, two kittens, and too many fish.

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Cara Marsi said...

Lisa, your story sounds great! I enjoyed your post.

Judy Baker said...

Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Your story sounds like a good read, especially when something bad happens, but it turns around.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Lisa! What a wonderful sounding story. Although cake rates very highly in my books. Congratulations!

Melissa Keir said...

Your book sounds like a wonderful read. I can imagine each of us have said things we regret!

Lisa Carlisle said...

Thanks, all! I enjoyed writing a romance between a couple who have been together for some time, facing a bump in their relationship.

stanalei said...

Sounds like a great story, Lisa. Bumps in the road are normal and it fun to see how an author tackles them.

jean hart stewart said...

Like the premise of your story. Marriages are never static, and anyone thinking so risks being unpleasantly surprised.

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