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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Meaning of Beautiful Flowers !!!

"Flowers are the music of the groundfrom the earth's lips, spoken with sound."
                              Edwin Curran

I got fascinated with an article on flowers and their meanings, and want to share some of it with you. Flowers have been interpreted by many civilizations, going back to the ancient Mayans.    Chinese, Japanese, ancient Celts, Egyptians and Greeks have all given meaning to different flowers. One thing all of them stress is that flowers are a symbol of generosity and love when given away.  Flowers meanings were a big deal in Victorian times, with lovers carefully picking the flowers in a corsage or bouquet.  Here's some individual meanings, abridged from the original column.

Amaryllis -- Symbol of success won after a struggle. Also  given to  encourage a creative streak.

Apple Blossom -- We all know this one, a symbol of heady love. Fertility and sensuality. The ancient Celts would decorate their bedchambers with apple blossoms to encourage amourous love. Now there's an idea for somebody to base a story on!

Camellia --This flower depicts desire, passion, and refinement. It's a symbol of perfection and excellence.

Daffodil -- Faith, honesty, truth, and forgiveness. Given as a token of forgiveness or appreciation of honesty.

Dahlia -- Their meaning ranges from being a sign of warning, to change, to travel, or a portent of betrayal. Should be given with other flowers in a bouquet to temper their meaning. 

Lily -- The flower of the spiritually advanced. Given to mothers to symbolize fertility and nurturing. A symbol of long-lasting relationships.

Pansy -- We all know this one too, a symbol of remembrance.

Rose -- The color of the rose determines its meaning, so that gets complicated. In general, roses  mean deep love, concentration, intelligence, balance and passion. A complex flower, too much to go into here.

Sunflower -- Moving their heads to meet the sun makes them the flower of spiritual attainment, flexibility, and opportunity. Also symbolic of good luck, wealth and ambition. An excellent housewarming gift.

Tulips -- Tulips also seek the sun and sway to get the best light. Thought to represent opportunity, adjustment, and aspiration. Since they return every year, they also symbolize resurrection and determination.

I'm indebted  to a column written by Avia for this interesting information, and wish to thank her. This is abridged but I didn't want to lose you all in too many details. Her website is Whats-Your-Sign.Com if you want to read the whole article.

So decide what you want to express and make up your own bouquet. I think we all could enjoy an Amaryllis!

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Cara Marsi said...

How interesting. Thank you, Jean, for the great info on flowers. I didn't know most of the meanings of the flowers. Congrats on your 34th book!

Tina Donahue said...

What a great post, Jean - I love your blogs. :)

Melissa Keir said...

I would love to see the different types of flowers attached to their meaning. It would be fun to sell bouquets based on it. I'm sitting here with flowers next to me that my son bought me for Mother's Day and I can only identify the roses and they are pink. :)

I wish you much success on your writing!

Paris said...

I've always loved flowers and never thought too much about my preferences before. Thanks for enlightening me (love those sunflowers!) Congratulations on your 34th book!

jean hart stewart said...

Cara, there is much more information on the meaning of flowers. Google and you'll be amazed....Thanks for commenting.

jean hart stewart said...

Tina,you're a sweetie....thanks

jean hart stewart said...

Melissa, send me your e-address and I'll send you a card with a bouquet that identifies a lot of flowers. This offer is for anyone who would like the card.

stanalei said...

I didn't know this about pansies. A fun post for a rainy weekend in my neck of the woods.

jean hart stewart said...

Paris, thanks for commenting and the congratulations. The book hasn't been accepted yet, but since it's a sequel the odds are good.

jean hart stewart said...

Stanalei, thanks for coming. It just stopped raining here in southern California and me and my sunflower are happy with the sun.

Janice Seagraves said...

Love the information on flowers. Love the bit about Roses which is my mom's favorite flower.

I've had tulips but can't get them to come back for a second year.


jean hart stewart said...

Janice, there is so much about roses I couldn't post. The meaning varies according to the color, and you can spell out a lover's message with a rose bouquet. Glad you enjoyed this..

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