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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Truth In Fiction

Today terrorists attacked the Bardo Museum in Tunisia. I read this in the USA Today article:

Some of the Italians at the museum were believed to have been passengers from the Costa Fascinosa, a cruise liner that had docked in Tunis. Ship owner Costa Crociere confirmed that some of its 3,161 passengers were visiting Tunis and that a Bardo tour was on the itinerary, but said it couldn't confirm how many were in the museum.

Many of you know my husband and I have cruised on the Costa Cruise lines several times. I believe it is 7 now. I wrote approximately 60% of my release Cruisin For A SEAL  on the Costa Fascinosa in December 2013. I blogged about the journey and posted pictures. In my story, a group of terrorists decide to board and take over an Italian cruise ship off the north coast of Africa. Although I didn't name Costa as the line, that was the ship I based this book on.

We have also taken this ship on this particular Mediterranean cruise and stopped at Tunisia, and I have walked these halls where people died yesterday. It is customary for cruise lines to take buses based on language. Costa caters to mainly European travelers. I don't think they planned to target a particular nationality of tourist-I think it was the crime of opportunity. This particular bus held Italian tourists, and they were unlucky to be the ones who had pulled up to enter the museum. It could have been American or Brit, Germans or French tourists. Such a sad waste of innocent life.

In addition to the senseless loss of life, antiquities were ruined, something that has increasingly been happening. Relics and symbols of civilizations long past are memorialized in wonderful museums like the Bardo. In this case, these priceless floor tile mosaics were from the ancient city of Carthage, and were said to have been walked upon by Christ himself. St. Peter wrote letters to the Carthaginians, as recorded in the Bible, and is said to have walked these same tiles during his lifetime.

Terrorism isn't something we think about in a romance novel, yet these things that are happening do remind us the real world is dangerous. As in any good story, weaving a believable thread into our plots is important. Yes, I do write romance, but sometimes these stories are closer to the truth than we would like to admit.

It is important to understand that there are those who fight to defend us from these acts of terror, which is the basis for my Navy SEAL Brotherhood Series, but they cannot be everywhere around us all the time. We have to understand that innocents will be victims of this new insane war. As far-fetched as it might seem, it is impossible to keep this from happening, and that perhaps it's coming to our own shores. Traveling in Europe is not what it used to be. Families living off bases in foreign posts are being relocated back to base for their own protection. Our military and their families are asked to stay off the internet, off Facebook and other forms of social media.

In SEAL My Home, which comes out 3/31/15, I also deal with a home-grown terrorist cell that target the families of military men and women.

The world is becoming a very unsafe place. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who sacrifice so we can have the lifestyles we currently have. But let's be vigilant. Let's keep our eyes and ears open.

That's not fiction. It's fact.

Sharon Hamilton
Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.


Cara Marsi said...

Sharon, I love your SEAL books. It's very sad what's happening over the world. I want to cry every time I hear about antiquities being destroyed by those who don't value human life let alone culture. Thanks for the inspiring post.

Judy Baker said...

Sharon, I truly agree with you. We should never forget those that help keep our nation safe, and I mean, those young men and women on the line, standing for what we believe. Thanks for such an inspiring post.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thanks Cara and Judy. It is truly my honor to bring these stories to light. I have to admit, though, that it shook me up a bit. This isn't the only brush with terror I've had. Our exchange student in high school was killed in the UN bombing several years ago. I can still remember talking to Chad at our reunion. He had brought his entire family over to the U.S. for the reunion. I met his parents, his wife and daughters. "A little piece of California I took back to Tunisia." I am saddened that those who try to do good are punished for it. Not forever, but for now. It won't win in the end. Brutality and evil always lose in the end. And I can hardly wait.

Melissa Keir said...

SEALs are wonderful men (and women) who make our world a safer place. How scary that a real life event would have taken place first in a story.

I love your cover and who doesn't love a sexy military man! All the best!

TinaD said...

It saddens,sickens and worries me all the terrorist attacks going on in our world.
We do owe a lot to the men and woman and the families who love and support them who fight to protect us. This not only includes military but our police officers too. I worry and pray for them each day and I will not allow someone to disgrace and dishonor them in anyway.
One of the reasons I love your books so much is that not only am I enjoying the story,but it reminded of the people out there putting their lives on the line each day for us.

jean hart stewart said...

Hate, hate, hate what is happening in our world.....

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sharon! I did a Med cruise several years ago and we went to Tunis, too. As we walked a neighborhood, a man told our guide to move us away from the street. The man turned aside and I saw a bulge under his shirt. Yep, a gun. This guy did security for the president and his motorcade went by us.

Congratulations on your book.

S. Scheer said...

Coming from a family with Army, and Marines in it I know the risk our military take to keep us safe and pray for all the men and women defending and protecting us. We all need to be aware of what is going on around us wherever we are. Love your books and the way you portray the Seals.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Again, thank you for your comments and thoughts, and prayers. We are all in this together.

Sharon Hamilton said...

S. Scheer, thank you for your service. TinaD, you are so right, anyone who wears a uniform and forms the line of defense for us, risking their life, is a hero to me.
Vicki! wow. Yes, the real world is all around us. Even though there are those that put themselves in harm's way to protect us, and help us forget that. But we cannot forget. Never forget. Vigilant.

julie beasley said...

It's so sad to hear that the wonderful relics are being destroyed, along with lives.the world is such a sad violent place. I'm so thankful we have brave men and women from all over the world, trying to keep us safe.

Arletta Dawdy said...

I thought of you and remembered your visit to Tunis and wondered if you'd visited the Bardo. It made me feel very thankful that it hadn't happened to you but also very sad that it happened at all. Shannon leaves for Istanbul on Sun. and I worry for her; the topic of the conference is on violence....Arletta

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thanks Julie.
Arletta, prayers for her safe return. That's a conversation that must be had, and I'm glad she's participating. I hope she stays safe. If enough people are vigilant, the incidents like this will be lessened, but we cannot protect against the crazies, without ourselves living in cages, and even then, it won't be 100% safe. Hopefully the flame of terrorism will extinguish soon, but I have my doubts it will get better before it gets much worse.

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