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Friday, January 2, 2015

Talking 'bout The Non-Resolution

Happy New Year, Day Two of 2015!! About a week ago a question that's asked only this time of year began replacing the general "How's It Going?" greeting people say after a Hello. So far The Question has been directed to me by a minister, postal deliverer, pharmacist, weightlifter, Wal Mart clerk, newspaper publisher, artist, tractor salesman, grocery store owner, librarian, welder, cheese manufacturer, electrical engineer, teacher, brick layer, City Hall secretary, and a trombonist.

To everyone I have replied, "No."

And the question? 
 "So Polly, got any New Year Resolutions?" 

My explanation when asked why I don't have any NYR's is simple: A couple decades ago I realized that making the darn things was just plain depressing because I'd disappoint myself before January was over by not following through with self-improvement intentions. Right out of the gate, January 2nd, clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish (even made it official by writing it down) and that clarity remained for 32 days. 40 if I really pushed it.

So I no longer make resolutions. Instead I set goals:
A) Personal               B) Civic-minded                  C) Writing

1) Be More Patient heads the Personal non-resolution list. Every year it takes the Number One spot. Not just patient with other people, but with myself. I don't need other people getting impatient with me. I do a great job of it all on my own.

I could learn something from him about being Patient
2) Don't Get Worked Up Over Petty Things, is also on that list. Or as my dad said, "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...and most of it is."

3) Eat Healthy. Exercise.            
Like the Be Patient goal, these two take up space on my list every year. I have only one body and no one else is going to take care of it for me, right?!  

City-wide yoga seminar in Manhattan, on a 95+ degree day, June, 2012. You won't find me in there, but kudos to everyone who was!

A few more on the Personal list are: Listen better....Learn A New Piano Composition.....Practice The New Piano Composition.....Don't Obsess Over House-Cleaning

Not mine, but looks like a shedder to me

For the civic-minded goal list I write the name of an organization I've heard of or read about that interests me but haven't gotten involved with yet. This goal is easy to meet because there are so many people-helping-people organizations out there. Last year I collected clothing and toys for a shelter for children. This year I'm going to volunteer at a food pantry and the shelter. Four years ago I developed a farmers' market in our town and will up my efforts to make it more successful.    

And then there's the writing goals. In my office I have a copy of a quote from Will Rogers (1879-1935), American writer, humorist and actor. It serves as my version of inspirational verses you see on posters, plaques,coffee cups and T-shirts: 

   "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

Translation: hoping I'll finish a writing project won't get it done. Not that I'm a slacker when it comes to putting in the time it takes to write a story, but sometimes I need a kick in the rear to stir up the determination to put in that time. This year on my non-resolution list I have three writing projects I will make happen. The 6th historical in my Almost series, 4th in my Games People Play series and a non-fiction that will probably take longer than this year to finish but I'll be well underway by the end of 2015.

When I do step off those train tracks and head in the right direction, there's no stopping me!

How about you? What non-resolution goals do you want to complete by December 31, 2015?

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Rose Anderson said...

Nice post, Polly. I have my son's engagement party and wedding this year. In between, I hope to have a book or two out. As far as resolutions go, my biggie would be not spreading myself too thin. I tend to think I can single-handedly do everything that needs doing. Ha. :)
Best luck in the coming year.

Sandy said...

I'm with you on the New Year resolutions, Polly. My goals are to get my short story for the boxed set done, edited and revised and everything that needs to be done to have it ready to be published.

I have two more longer stories in various stages of writing I want to get published in 2015.

Judy Baker said...

I don't make NYR either. I do write a small list of goals that I want to accomplish through the year and hid it away. At the end of the year I dig it out and read the list - surprisingly I usually accomplish most of not all of what's on the list. Wishing you a productive New Year.

Ann Lethbridge said...

Polly, I'm with you. I gave up NYR many moons ago. I have taken up yoga, which I find benefits me in all those NYR areas, like being more productive, and relaxed and fitter, and I'm definitely more zen as it were. Fun post.
And here's wishing you a very happy new year.

Cara Marsi said...

I don't make NYR either because I only get stressed when I don't keep them. I like your non-resolutions. I, too, am trying to be more patient. And I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff. Happy New Year & Happy Non-Resolutions to you!

Polly McCrillis said...

Hi Rose, My daughter got engaged four days ago and the wedding will be in July so I'll be doing some wedding planning this year too. A fun - not too stressful, I hope - goal!

Polly McCrillis said...

Ambitious publishing goals, Sandy. Happy writing...and editing...and re-editing:-)

Polly McCrillis said...

Judy, I like the idea of making the list and not checking it until the end of the year. Thanks for the idea! Here's to a productive New Year for you also.

Polly McCrillis said...

Hi Ann. I know a lot of people who have benefited from yoga. The times I've tried it was more painful than helpful so I probably wasn't doing something right. Walking is my thing. Love to walk! Happy 2015 to you too.

Polly McCrillis said...

And happy non-resolutions to you too, Cara!

Melissa Keir said...

I am horrible about resolutions but I make wishes and dreams. Things I'd like to happen and then plans to get them done. A few years ago, I dreamed about quitting the full time job. I've worked hard the last two years to pay off all the bills, everything is gone but the mortgage finally my dream might come true. All the best on your goals, Polly! I'm sure you will do wonderfully with them!

jean hart stewart said...

Gave up on specific resolutions a long time ago. I'll stick to my usual mantra, show a smile to everyone you meet, even if just passing by. So many need that...

Polly McCrillis said...

Woohoo, Melissa, congratulations on working your way through those goals! Self-employment and a lot more time to write is on the horizon! :-))

Polly McCrillis said...

I'll give an Amen to that, Jean. Smile and say hi, that's what I do. There's a lot more of that going on where I live now than when I lived in the "big city". Happy New Year!

Paris said...

Great post, Polly and I'm with you. Instead of making grand plans to lose that last five pounds or whatever, I plan to be kind and pay it forward when I'm able. Very doable and practically stress free:)

Polly McCrillis said...

Paris, being kind and paying it forward should be goals everyone has. Imagine if that were so!

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