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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Interview of Lost Goddess Publishing - Michele Zurlo

Today we're pleased to present an interview of Lost Goddess Publishing (Michele Zurlo).

I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. I write in many genres, and I love happy endings. I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to big decisions, especially when it’s something I’ve never done before. Launching a publishing company is my latest impulsive venture, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this one takes me. Together with my wife, Dana Hillcrest, we’re committed to making Lost Goddess Publishing a quality experience for readers and authors alike. And yes, we’re a lesbian-owned company.


Q: What motivated you to get involved in the romance industry?
A: I’ve been involved in the romance industry since I picked up my first romance novel way back when I was thirteen. I fell in love with falling in love. When I decided to finally take the plunge as a writer, the stories that came to mind were all romances. As I navigated my way through the industry, I realized I wanted to do more than just write, and so I formed Lost Goddess Publishing.

Q: Ebooks or print. Do you read both? If you read ebooks, what reader do you have?
A: I read both. The format doesn’t matter me nearly as much as the content. I own a Kindle Paperwhite, which I love. I recently upgraded my phone from a Blackberry flip phone (purple!) to a smart phone that had a Kindle app. I haven’t decided if I like that or not. I can tell you that I’m not a fan of autocorrect.

Q: What’s the one most important thing a reader/author should know about your business?
A: Our goal is to be author-friendly. We want to work with authors to make their work the best it can be. Not only do we want authors to be proud of their work, but we want readers to know they can always expect a quality product from Lost Goddess Publishing.

Q: What are your guidelines for a writer/author to submit a book/manuscript for a review or to sell?
A: Our full submission guidelines can be found at We’re looking for hot, sexy romantic stories with strong, dynamic, and relatable characters. Stories are plot-driven, and the chemistry between the characters is palpable. Love scenes
and language are explicit. Your storytelling and voice are strong and unique. Your story and characters are smart, edgy, and engaging. We’re especially interested in publishing series and strong, stand-alone novels.

Q: Chats. How important do you feel it is for authors to take part in chats on loops or at other romance sites?
A: Readers care about authors and stories. With thousands of books coming out every month, authors need to do everything they can to get their names out there. Chats, loops, groups, and parties are some ways to connect with readers. It may not lead to immediate sales, but later on, when that reader is looking at Amazon’s suggestions, if they know your name, they’re more likely to pick your book to read next.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Where do you appear?
Twitter: @MZurloAuthor

Please add anything else you feel is important.
If you’re thinking of submitting to Lost Goddess, but you’re uncertain because we’re new, contact me at with questions or concerns. We’re open to new authors, receptive to new ideas, and very approachable. We’re working with several authors right now, some seasoned and some new, as they write novels they plan to submit to LGP.


Sandy said...

I wish you the very best, Michele.

Michele Zurlo said...

Thanks, Sandy. And thanks to Marianne for having me!

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful to get to know you! Congrats on your company and I wish you much success. :)

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