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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have you seen the last couple of full moons?

October's was the Hunter's Moon...
And it was spectacular...especially when just a few days later, we witnessed a full lunar eclipse...

I wrote this book four years ago, after witnessing another Hunter's Full Moon. On October 22-23, 2010 we were given one of the most spectacular full moons I have ever seen...huge, red, and magnificent. It was so marvelous, and so doggoned spooky, I had to write something...a horror story? started out as one, but you know ended up an erotic romance with some heavy paranormal overtones. And since that full moon had passed into memory, I had to wait for a future October Hunter's Moon to release this one.

It was pretty much complete, and only needed a cover, a blurb, and a few odds and ends in order to put it on Kindle.  It's now on pre-order at only 99¢ go check it out...and help a starving author.

Here's a tidbit from the story...

Excerpt copyright 2014 Fran Lee

Ride the Night Winds: Hunter's Moon

Her eyes were swollen from crying, and she didn't feel at all rested after what she assumed to have been a full night's sleep. She shoved aside the comforter, and sat up, rubbing her face with her hands. “What the hell am I supposed to do?” There was no answering thought. She really hadn't expected one.

She sighed as she stood and walked to the bureau, hoping that her own clothes would be there. She opened the drawer, and almost lost it when clothing materialized as she looked at the empty drawer. Holy Cow! Convenience be damned! This kind of stuff was enough to make anybody think they were going nuts. She shakily pulled out fresh underwear, and turned to the closet, hoping that the clothes would already be hanging there so she wouldn't have to watch them appear from thin air. Stuff like that could make a person seriously question their own sanity.

She slid the door aside and breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of her things already hanging there. “Thank God!” she muttered under her breath. Then she lifted her head and asked aloud, “Now can I take a shower without having to feel like you are standing there watching me?” She wanted an answer this time.

Gareth sighed inside her mind. “I won't watch, Theresa.” His thoughts were clearly heard, and she couldn’t hide her relief as she opened her bedroom door and padded down the hallway to the bathroom.

She turned on the shower and dropped her jeans and sweater into the hamper beside the door. She stepped into the shower and closed the door, and whispered softly, “I'm trusting you, Gareth. Please don't make me regret doing so.” There was no response. She sighed in relief and soaped her body, scrubbing her skin vigorously, turning under the deliciously hot spray to soak her hair and enjoy the steamy heat soaking through her aching body.

It had been a totally mind blowing thing, to say the least, waking up to find herself in a waking dream world where things appeared out of thin air and men walked around in the extremely buff buff. She mentally reviewed the things she knew would be happening back in her part of the universe—like maybe her frantic friends calling out the national guard to locate her thinking she was kidnapped and left for dead somewhere—or Ellen going meshugah because she hadn't called in at work. How was she going to let everybody know she was alive and well? She would have to ask Gareth about trying to contact at least her friend from work.

She was rinsing the shampoo from her hair when she sensed that she was not alone, and gave a little scream of shock as he felt a man's lean, muscular naked body pressed against her back in the shower cubicle.

“Gareth! You promised!” Her words caught in her throat as the man whose arms were wrapped around her laughed softly beside her ear. 

That wasn't his laugh.

“Perhaps Gareth promised, but I didn't, pet.”

Terry gasped and jerked her head around to stare at the wickedly smiling face of a total stranger. She stiffened as lean, strong hands cupped her breasts, and his mouth dropped to the curve of her shoulder. She drew a shaky breath and the first word out of her mouth was, “Gareth!”

The man was jerked backward like a rag doll, and suddenly she was alone again in the shower, shuddering with reaction as she stood under the hot spray and gasped for breath.  She shakily reached to turn off the water, and grabbed the towel that hung just outside the shower door, dragging it inside the cubicle and wrapping it about her body with trembling hands.  Mental overload—that's what it was. She had imagined it. She hoped.

I always loved spooky tales. This one is more sexy than spooky, as it turns out. Sigh. But I had fun with this one, and hope you like it, too.


Fran Lee


Janice Seagraves said...

Nice excerpt. Good luck with your latest release and I wish you many sales.


Tina Donahue said...

Wow - what a cover. Hope you burn up the net with your sales, Fran. :)

Rose Gorham said...

I like the cover, Fran. Enjoyed reading the my attention!

Rose Anderson said...

Spooky indeed!

jean hart stewart said...

Wow, what a great excerpt. It should be a huge success.

Melissa Keir said...

Love the cover and I wish you all the best with your latest release! :) Sounds sexy!!

Fran Lee said...

Thanks for commenting. I truly appreciate you ladies...LOL!

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