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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rounding Up Some Hot Cowboys #RB4U #bookbundle

Cowboys…just saying the word conjures up images of Stetsons, Wranglers, horses, rope. Oh and the smells—hay, manure, leather. Add to that, strong men who work hard and care for their land and animals and you have a winning combination.

Growing up in a small Midwestern town, we didn’t have many cowboys. After all, Ohio isn’t really the Wild West. I was more likely to run into a football star than a cowboy in my hometown. However, two of my good friends from high school were honest to goodness cowboys. They worked at Dude Ranches out West, each summer. They were the real deal to me. One of them went on to own his own ranch and raises and trains horses. His horses and riders have won numerous awards for jumping and barrel racing.

It was Scott and Rob that I drew on when I created the character of Jake Kyncade for The Heartsong Cowboy. They are the kind of guys who would go out of their way to help someone and have been my biggest supporters. Who doesn’t want friends like that?

I’m sure in the book bundle “Cowboy Up” you will find a cowboy that will touch your heart. After all, you can’t go wrong with a guy in Wranglers and smelling like horses and leather.

Seven men as tough as the west…
          Seven women who know how to...
Cowboy Up

A boxed set of seven romantic novellas by seven award-winning authors experienced with writing about the men of the West.

The Heartsong Cowboy by Melissa Keir

Can two people, one horse and the power of love cure a little girl?

Angela French blames herself for her daughter’s lack of voice. Determined to do anything to correct the situation, she seeks out Jake Kyncade, the owner of The Heartsong Ranch.

Jake Kyncade hides his own sorrows behind his no-nonsense demeanor. Helping children becomes one way to correct his past. Using equine therapy, he sets out to make a difference.

Can Jake help Angela’s dreams come true or will Jake’s past bring more heartache? Will love save them all?

With Taylor asleep on the couch, Angela snuck the magazine out of her daughter’s sleeping hands before carrying her to her bed. After making sure her baby was tucked in, she turned out the lights and went to the kitchen. She sat down at the table to study the article about the horse whisperer. The photos gave off a peaceful feeling—so much so, she longed to jump into the images. Along with the horses, there were shots of children laughing and petting the animals. The article mentioned a little boy with Down’s Syndrome whose language increased after a week of animal therapy. The Heartsong Ranch. Even the name sounds encouraging. Dare I get my hopes up?

One photo in particular captured her attention. The owner, Jake Kyncade, wore jeans and a cowboy hat as he stood next to the ranch sign. She took a deep breath as butterflies circled in her abdomen. He’s sexy. Very different from Mike. Mr. Kyncade has this wounded look in his eyes. I wonder what his trauma was. I’ve gotten better at noticing it in others. Still, he’s good looking. Probably married with his own children.

Only $0.99!!



D'Ann said...

Sounds like a pair of great guys!

Paris said...


There's absolutely nothing like a cowboy hero. Your story sounds wonderful:)

Nina Pierce said...

What is it about cowboys that makes the knees go weak and my heart skip a beat? Your boxed set sounds wonderful and I really enjoyed the excerpt.

Best of luck with this, Melissa!

Sandy said...

Melissa, the cowboy on your cover is to die for. It sounds like a wonderful story.

I grew up in a small mid-western town in Kansas. I remember when the rodeo came to town. So much fun! Good luck with this boxed set. The excerpt was terrific.

Tina Donahue said...

Love cowboys! Congrats on your boxed set, Melissa! May you burn up the net with your sales. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Wow, great cover. This sounds like a terrific set. On my way to buy it. Growing up on the East Coast, we don't get many cowboys here. It's like a foreign culture to me which makes the whole cowboy thing exotic. Best of luck to you.

Daryl Devore said...

These cowboys sure do get around.

Judy Baker said...

Hi Melissa, I wish you luck with the box set of Cowboy Up. I too love cowboys, I even married one from Nevada and it's been a ride for 40+ years.

Polly McCrillis said...

There are more farmers than cowboys in the southwest Missouri town I live in, but I've seen a few. Always turn my head, no matter the age or how scruffy. Must be my love-a-man-in-uniform obsession. Cowboy hat, boots and chaps are a uniform, aren't they?:]

The boxed set looks great, Melissa, and your story sounds wonderful. Its title (and cover, yeehaw!) - are perfect.

jean hart stewart said...

I'm from Ohio originally and definitely wish we'd had cowboys when I was growing up. Pretty dull childhood, actually. Would have loved a cowboy.....

Jennifer Lowery said...

Got my copy! Can't wait to read this set!! So many great authors!

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words and wishes! I'm very excited about this box set. The cowboys are each different and wonderfully strong minded.

Scott and Rob (My Ohio Cowboys) have remained good friends. They are great guys.

Liza O'Connor said...

I spent a few weeks on a dude ranch in Montana. The family who owned it worked really hard. The guy, besides being a real cowboy, was also an excellent fly fisherman.

We'd go fly fishing together. He taught me lots of tricks to get the cast where I wanted it.

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