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Monday, June 16, 2014

Welcome Kat Martin and her latest Against story

I am so excited we have Kat Martin with us today. She is one of my most favorite authors. Today we're talking about her latest, AGAINST THE WILD, but please be sure to get ALL the Wild stories. They are fantastic.

NOTE: For additional information about Kat and her books, visit her author page at

Q: How did you get started writing your great romantic suspense books?

  My first suspense was THE SILENT ROSE.  It came from an actual night my husband and I spent in a haunted house.  It was the most terrifying night of my life.  My husband said, "If you don't write it, I will."  Since non-fiction wasn't my thing, I made it into a novel.  The first 60 pages of the book happened pretty much exactly as I wrote it.   THE SILENT ROSE was nominated for a Rita.  Right then, I knew I wanted to write more of these stories.

Q: Where did the AGAINST series come from and how many more will there be?
   I had written seven other Romantic Suspense novels when I decided I wanted to do a series.  Three at first, the Raines Brothers.  I didn't really know if I would continue, depended on what readers thought about the books.  Since they really seemed to like them, I kept going.  Now I am hooked on the hunky guys in the books!

Q: What’s your daily writing routine?
  I am not an early riser.  I usually lounge a while with coffee, then move into my office, start with email and Facebook.  Then I am into my writing and I keep going till at least five.  With the release of my newest book, AGAINST THE WILD, I'm doing blogs in the evenings, chats, and other promo.  Dinner had to wait until after eight last night. 

Q: Do you have favorite characters from any of your stories? I am totally in love with the Raines brothers and their friends.

   I would say the guys in the AGAINST Series are my favorites with one exception.  Chance McLain in THE SECRET was one of the sexiest males I've every written.  It's a reader favorite and one of mine as well. 

Q: Is there any one person or persons who have influenced your writing?

  That would be my husband.  He basically got me started in the first place and then worked like crazy to get promo for both of us.  We used to do 6 booksignings in a single weekend!

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t writing? 
  I enjoy the good life, fine hotels and gourmet restaurants.  I love to  travel, especially in Europe.  I also like camping and being out of doors (In our trailer these days, no more tents!)

Q: What’s up next for you? 

  Right now I am finishing the Brodie Brothers of Alaska.  Against the Wild is the first, Dylan's story.  Then Nick Brodie in Against the Sky, and Rafe Brodie in Against the Tide.  I'm heading to Seattle after than with a Brodie cousin...wondering if readers will want more of Alaska later on?

Where the men are as bold and untamed as America’s last wilderness
It’s been three years since Lane Bishop tragically lost her fiancĂ©, and she’s finally ready to risk her heart on someone else. The hot look in Dylan Brodie’s eyes says he’s going to be that man.
But when Lane flies to the remote 1930’s fishing lodge to help him renovate, she discovers a little girl who won’t speak, eerie legends and strange sounds in the night. And when she investigates the history of the lodge, she uncovers a legacy of injustice and murder.

As danger stalks his daughter and the woman he is coming to love, Dylan must risk everything to uncover the shocking truth.

Emily hadn’t spoken a single audible phrase since her mother had abandoned her three years ago.  Not a meaningful word since the night Mariah Brodie had run off with another man.

The low moaning of the wind awakened him.  The old fishing lodge, constructed in the thirties, was built of hand-hewn logs, the chinking between them worn by time and weather, leaving spaces for the air to blow through.  An eerie keening echoed inside the house, a chilling sound that sent shivers down Dylan’s spine. 
Just the wind, he reminded himself.  Nothing to do with stories of ghosts and hauntings.  Just an inconvenience, nothing more. 
Still, he had Emily to think of.  Dylan Brodie swung his long legs to the side of the bed, shrugged into his heavy flannel robe, and padded barefoot down the hall toward his daughter’s bedroom. 
The lodge he’d purchased earlier in the spring was big and sprawling, two stories high, with a separate family wing for the owner, another for the prestigious guests it had once hosted, back in its heyday in the thirties.  The living room was big and open, exposing fourteen-inch logs in the ceiling.  A massive river rock fireplace climbed one wall, a second, smaller version warmed the sitting room in the master suite. 
Dylan had fallen in love with the place the moment he had seen it, perched on Eagle Bay like a guardian of the two hundred forested acres around it.
Old legends be damned.  He didn’t believe in ghosts or any of the Indian myths he had heard.  He’d waited years to find the perfect spot for his guided fishing and family vacation business, and this was the place. 
The wind picked up as he moved down the hall, the air sliding over rough wood, whistling through the eves, the branches on the trees shifting eerily against the window panes.  Dylan picked up his pace, worried the noise would frighten Emily, though so far his eight-year-old daughter seemed more at ease in the lodge than he was.
Frosted glass wall sconces dimly lit the passage as he walked along, original, not part of a remodel of the residential wing done a few years back, before the last owner moved out and left the area. 
The four bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs on this side of the building weren’t fancy but they were livable while he worked on the rest of the lodge.  The master suite had been updated, but it wasn’t the way he wanted it yet.  Eventually, he would rebuild this section, as well, bring it all up to the four-star standard he’d had in mind when he had purchased the property.
Dylan paused at the door to Emily’s room, quietly turned the knob and eased it open.  His daughter lay beneath the quilt that his housekeeper, Winifred Henry, had made for her as a Christmas gift, princesses and unicorns embroidered in puffy little pink and white squares, all hand-stitched to fit her youth-size four-poster bed.
His gaze went to the child.  Emily had the same dark hair and blue eyes that marked her a Brodie, but her complexion was as pale as her mother’s.  Unlike Mariah’s perfect patrician features, Emily’s mouth was a little too wide, her small nose freckled across the bridge. 
She was awake, he saw, her eyes fixed on the antique rocker near the window.  It was just her size, fashioned of oak and intricately carved.  She loved the old chair that had been in the lodge when he bought it. 
Emily never sat in it, but she was fascinated by the way the wind made it rock on its own.  Dylan found it slightly eerie, the way it moved back and forth as if some invisible occupant sat in the little chair.  She was watching it now, her lips curved in the faintest of smiles.  She mumbled something he couldn’t quite hear and Dylan’s chest clamped down. 
It hurt to watch his little girl, see her in the make-believe world she now lived in, forming silent phrases, nothing he could actually hear. 
Emily hadn’t spoken a single audible phrase since her mother had abandoned her three years ago.  Not a meaningful word since the night Mariah Brodie had run off with another man.
Dylan’s hand unconsciously fisted.  Maybe he hadn’t been the husband Mariah wanted.  Maybe he’d been too wrapped up in trying to make a life in the harsh Alaskan wilderness he loved.  Maybe he hadn’t paid her enough attention. 
Maybe he just hadn’t loved her enough.
Guilt slipped through him.  He never should have married her.  He should have known she would never be able to adjust to the life he lived here.  Still, it didn’t excuse her cruel abandonment of their daughter.  An abandonment Emily had not been able to cope with.
Dylan forced himself to walk into the bedroom.  Emily’s eyes swung to his, but she didn’t smile, just stared at him in that penetrating way that made his stomach churn.
“Em, honey, are you okay?”  She didn’t answer, as he knew she wouldn’t.  “It’s just the wind.  The lodge is old.  There’s nothing to be afraid of.”
Emily’s gaze went to the window, where a lone pine branch shifted restlessly against the sill.  Ignoring him as if he weren’t there, she snuggled back into her pillow and closed her eyes.  She blamed him for the loss of her mother, he knew.  It was the only explanation for why she had withdrawn from him so completely. 
Tucking the quilt a little closer beneath her chin, he leaned down and kissed her cheek.  The wind picked up as he walked out of the bedroom and eased the door closed.  Emily was his to watch over and protect, his to care for and comfort.  But he had lost his daughter three years ago. 
When he had driven her mother away.

For New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin, a career in real estate led her down the road to romance.

Through real estate, Kat found her own perfect match--her husband, Western author Larry Jay Martin.

"We were on opposing sides of a transaction--I represented the seller and he represented the buyer," Kat recalls.

A short time after the two became acquainted, Larry asked her to read an unpublished manuscript of an historical western he'd written. Kat fell in love with both the book and the author!

"It was quite a romantic story," she admits. "I'd still like to see it get published." Then, after doing some editing for her future husband, she thought she'd try her own hand at writing.

Kat moved on to become the bestselling author of over fifty historical and contemporary romance novels. To date, 15 million copies of her books are in print, and she's been published around the globe, including Germany, Norway, Sweden, China, Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, England, Estonia, Lithuania, South Africa, Italy, Poland, Thailand, Portugal, Turkey, The Slovak Republic, Spain, Argentina, Estonia, Czech Republic and Greece.

When she's not writing, Kat also enjoys skiing and traveling, particularly to Europe. Currently, she's busy writing her next book.


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Janice Seagraves said...

Good luck with your book. I wish you many sales.


Paris said...

Romantic suspense is a favorite of mine and I love how you've set this story in a remote 1930 fishing lodge. Thanks for leaving the great excerpt!

Lynda Bailey said...

Great interview! Best of luck with your new release, Kat!

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Hi Kat, I'm a fan (which I'm sure you'll hear a lot today) particularly of your historicals and now your contemps. I just looked at your site and said "Wow!" at all your covers. What a thrill it must be to see that much goin' on. Thanks for being here today.

Rose Anderson said...

Enjoyable interview, Kat. Thanks for joining us today. Best luck.

Tina Donahue said...

Great interview. Love your cover. :)

Sandy said...

Kat, I have this book in my to be read pile. It sounds great, but I must admit this will be the first book of yours I've read.

Beautiful love story between you and your husband.

Judy Baker said...

Loved the way you used your experience in the haunted house in the book. Great post.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Before I started writing, I was a reader. More than that, I'm a Kat Martin fan! To read your interview here just made my day. Congratulations on all your success. You inspire me!

jean hart stewart said...

Irresistible theme to this new book. A damaged daughter is a heart-jerker. LOVE the picture of you!

Polly McCrillis said...

Wonderful series, Kat. Thanks for sharing with us today!

Desiree Holt said...

Kat, thanks so much for taking the time to visit with us today. I love your books and this series rocks.

Kat Martin said...

Oh My! what an amazing bunch of folks you are! Such wonderful comments! So far I have to say I think readers have really responded to this story. I met Dylan and Lane in Against the Mark and I knew they had to have their own story. They were a great couple to write.

Melissa Keir said...

What a great story of how you and your hubby met. I love the strong men in your books. All the best!

Kristina Mathews said...

I'm looking forward to reading Against The Wild. I did a trip about fifteen years ago with my husband, his parents, brother and sister-in-law and our son who was 15 months old at the time. Our family has grown, and so has our love of adventure.

I'm looking forward to the book.

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