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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guest Blog: Erotic Romance Author Cris Anson

Meet Cris Anson
Erotic Romance Author 

I write erotic romance because I firmly believe that life doesn't stop at the bedroom door. I had a deeply romantic relationship with my husband of 22 years, and I want to celebrate his memory in my writing. After he died, it took me a long time to come out of my grief, but parts of him -- his honor, courage, optimism, tenacity, and lust for life -- live on in all my heroes. They’re all alpha men, as well.

And I write erotic romance because I feel you're never too old to give or receive love. Many of my stories have older heroines who dazzle younger men. As well, I’ve been immersing myself in research into BDSM and my newer works delve deeply into the lifestyle.  

Reviewers have said about my work:

 “sexy, erotic and sizzling” (TwoLips Reviews); “Author Cris Anson is on my auto-buy list” (The Romance Studio); “packs a powerful punch” (Happily Ever After Reviews); “unbelievably gripping and clever storyline…fraught with sexual tension” (All Romance eBooks).

Ms. Anson has been thoroughly enjoying herself lately...writing hot romance sprinkled liberally with BDSM.  How does she do it?

How Erotic Author Cris Anson Researches BDSM

Write about what you know. We’ve all heard that cardinal rule, right?

But if you want to write about a subject you don’t know anything about, you have to do research. Lucky for me, I’m enjoying my research these days—about BDSM, about the kinky things people do, about Power Exchanges, about Dominance and submission, about Safe, Sane and Consensual.

So how do I research BDSM? It started in August 2012 when I attended the first BDSM for Writers Workshop Weekend in New York City hosted by world-renowned sexologist and psychologist Dr. Charley Ferrer. Last year’s event was also modestly sized, but this year the workshop concept has blossomed into a full-fledged four-day conference with some thirty workshops over four full days, from August 21-August 24 2014. Registration is still open at

By the way, this conference isn’t just for writers, there’s a reader track which includes hands-on demonstrations by lifestyle practitioners (including spanking, fire play, erotic knife play, violet wand, and erotic toys). Among the how-to-write-BDSM workshops are two I’ll be giving, one with Joey W. Hill, “Putting the Reality and Romance in your BDSM Story Without Having to Don Leather”, and one with Miranda Baker, “How Personal Experience Enlivens our Books”. Pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum, wouldn’t you say?

Meanwhile, I’ve connected with local groups which meet monthly for “vanilla” socials as well as occasional private parties. I’ve been flogged, spanked, violet wanded, handcuffed and toyed with, tied up and tied down. To get into Dom headspace, I’ve also flogged and spanked others. I’ve written about my experiences in my blogs, especially my most-visited (by far!) blog, BDSM: Part IV, Getting Naked At Paddles.

How does all this research translate into actual writing? Here’s an excerpt from my most recently published book with Ellora’s Cave, Redemption and Glory. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide how much is personal experience and how much is fiction.

The setup: Vinnie (Davinia) is at a private party, tied back to back with a nearly naked sub. Jonathan is mentoring Adam, the hero.

Excerpt from Redemption and Glory 
 © 2014 by Cris Anson

 Erotic/Age 18 and over only

A large hand grabbed a fistful of her hair, arching her neck to one side. Vinnie’s gaze lifted to—Adam! He nuzzled her temple, kissed the tip of her nose, stroked her cheek with a knuckle, all the while pressing his humongous erection into her hip.

Vinnie sighed. This she could understand. The illicit thrill of being aroused without being able to respond. The blatantly sexual kick of the Wartenberg wheel skirting her nipples while roaming at will over her body, of Adam kissing and teasing her, of the feel of naked skin under her fingertips, of Jonathan’s low, soft voice promising obscene sexual actions ostensibly to his sub but reaching Vinnie’s ears and, yes, her pussy as well.

“Adam,” said Jonathan in that same low, seductive voice, “unbutton Davinia’s top. She needs to feel the wheel on skin, not through some heavy piece of fabric.”

Still fisting her curls in his grip, Adam managed one-handed to open the garment, revealing an underwire bra of almost sheer ecru lace. The gasp he was unable to hide at seeing more of her went straight to her pussy and she hoped he wouldn’t be directed to remove her slacks, or he’d encounter an extremely wet thong.

Apparently he took his role seriously, for Adam worked the blouse halfway off her shoulders, pulled the tails out from under rope and waistband and tucked the material as far back as could be managed.

Then—yes!—he pasted his hard cock against her again, rubbing it up and down her hip while his teeth grazed the exposed column of her throat. Sandor played the wheel over her nipples, which had hardened almost unbearably. Between them they were driving her crazy. She felt her hips begin to undulate in response.

“Davinia!” Jonathan’s voice snapped. “Stop twitching. Do. Not. Move.”

She took a deep breath and steadied herself. Remember, right now you’re a sub.

“Now the trousers.”

Oh god.

Adam released her hair and used both hands to work the button then the zipper of her slacks. He knelt at her feet, nose centered right at her crotch, and inhaled deeply. Then looked up at her, desire rampant on his face. His eyes burned, his jaw worked, his skin flushed.

Then he slowly slid the material down her legs until it pooled at her ankles.

Dear god, she couldn’t stand it. Her pussy wept for his tongue, his fingers, his cock. The wheel continued its exploration of every exposed inch of her skin above the waist. Even Jonathan had abandoned his suggestive comments to his sub as he thrust one hand into Vinnie’s hair and yanked her head back until it rested on the sub’s bowed head, making Vinnie’s breasts jut forward as her spine arched.

She couldn’t help it. Her hips moved restlessly, she fought against her restraints because she needed to touch Adam—hell, or Sandor or Jonathan, she just needed a man in her hands, needed a cock inside her, needed someone to scratch this intense itch, she needed to—

With a single gesture from Jonathan, all three men stepped away, leaving Vinnie panting and desperate for fulfillment.

Blurb for Redemption and Glory

Bored with all the groupies who provide him with anonymous sex, famous sculptor Adam accepts the offer to lurk behind a voyeur screen at his agent’s BDSM club. Watching the magnificent Mistress Glory in action, Adam is so smitten that he can’t decide if he wants to tame her or kneel before her.

When Davinia helps her business partner at a book signing, the man of her wet dreams, a magazine’s “Most Eligible Bachelor,” comes by to help publicize the event. Instant lust turns to chagrin when he addresses her as Mistress Glory.

As the two novices to Dominance and submission explore what turns them on in this exciting new world, the journey takes explosive twists and turns. Add the sexy agent and his slave, and anything can—and does—happen.

Warning: contains male/male and female/female action, a foursome and lots of dungeon activity resulting in one scorching-hot story!

~ * ~

Cris Anson with Alpha Caveman DeAngelo at 
Romanticon 2013

Here’s where you can find Redemption and Glory in digital format. It will be released in paperback in November 2014.

Also check out my website  and blog


Rose Anderson said...

It's lovely that you put your husband into your heroes. Thanks for joining us today. Best luck, Cris. :)

Cris Anson said...

Thank you to RomanceBooks4Us for allowing me to have my say. You are all doing such a terrific job promoting romance and I'm happy to be a small part of it.

Sandy said...

Cris, you have more guts than I would ever have to do live research. lol

I think it's wonderful you use your husband for your heroes.

Marie Tuhart said...

Great blog, Cris. I can't wait to meet you at the BDSM Con this year since I can finally go :)

Melissa Keir said...

Hi Cris *waves* It's wonderful to have you sharing about your research. I love LOVE Dr. Charley. I met her last year at the Wild Wicked Weekend and she got me started with Fireplay. I wish I was able to go to Charley's workshop this year. I will miss her!

I really recommend that if you can't get to the conference and want to know more about BDSM, you pick up Dr. Charley's books. She is such a wonderful author and mentor.

Thanks Cris for sharing. I look forward to your books and wish you many sales!

Cris Anson said...

Thanks for the comments, Sandy. I'm loving my research!

Marie, looking forward to meeting you as well!

To Melissa, I agree, Dr. Charley's book "BDSM for Writers" really helped me. Her other one, "BDSM: The Naked Truth" is also great for a more generalized view.

Tessie Bradford said...

Congratulations on your new release! I'm looking forward to meeting you at the conference, Cris!

Fran Lee said...

Thanks for sharing with us here at RB4US! You are one of my favorite authors, girl!

Cris Anson said...

Tessie, which con? Looking forward to meeting you as well.

Fran, thanks for your kind words. I luvvvvv your Native American heroes. Write faster!

Dr. Charley Ferrer said...


I'm so proud of you. You've come so far in your exploration and your portrayal of BDSM. I'm very impressed with your dedication to bring accurate information to your readers. Who would of thought you'd go from workshop participant in 2012 to actually conducting a workshop during the conference.

Melissa--*Firebaby*, I miss ya too. You sure we can't kidnap you and bring you to NYC to have some fun?

Sandy, you should join us for BDSM Writers Con. What I love most about the conference is how every participant grows in their comfort with Dominance & submission and you see how they flourish in just 3-days. Shy quiet women discover their inner Dominant and confident self assured women discover their inner submissive. Should I mentioned the hubbies that are joining us? LOVE IT.

Plus, every author that has attended with one except has published a book. Cris I believe is up to three...or is this one four?

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

Live with passion,

Doctor Charley...

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