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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Favorite Scenes: Matrix Crystal Hunters


I enjoyed writing, Matrix Crystal Hunters. It was fun playing with the characters. The all too serious, Maya, who's intent on her mission. And the always playful, Vach, who's not serious about much.

Here's my favorite scene:

Vach looked over her shoulder as she put a drop of water into one of her devices. “What does that do?”
“The different numbers indicate different types of contamination. According to this, your indoor lake is pure. No pollutants at all.” She took out a water bottle, filled it up and took a sip. “Hmm, good.”
“It should be. This is the Goddess’s sacred lake.” An idea formed and Vach grinned. “If we are to go further, you’ll need to bathe here, to purify yourself.”
Maya gaze narrowed. “Oh, really?”
“What?” His eyes widened in pretend innocence. “You say that as if I’m not telling the truth.”
She frowned. “Sounds like a story to me.”
“Well.” He rocked on his heels, looking around. “I can’t take you further until you have purified yourself. I did it on my last trip through here, so I’m still considered clean.” The Goddess may strike me dead for lying so much in her sacred place, but if I get to see Maya naked, it’ll be worth it.
“You can be… ooh, all right.” She faced him while she took off her jacket, letting it fall behind her. Then she untied her boots, removed her socks and stood, before undoing her pants.
Vach swallowed hard, as he watched her every move.
She smiled. “Turn around.”
“What?” He blinked.
Her hands went to her hips. “You don’t seriously think I’m going to strip down to my birthday suit with you watching, do you?”
Vach frowned. “I don’t know what a birthday suit is?”
She bared an arm. “It’s the suit you’re born wearing.”
“Oh.” Naked. She means no clothes on at all. His face heated as he turned around. He listened for the sounds of clothes dropping on the cavern floor.
A splash of water and a squeal echoed in the big cavern. “Oh God, this water is ice-cold.”
“Good thing I didn’t go in then.” He turned, grinning.
She began treading water. “You jerk! You did lie to me.”

“And you fell for it.” He chuckled.

Blurb: Team Alpha Three’s spaceship is out of power after fighting a wormhole, and parked on the primitive world of Zenevieva. With half the team sick from radiation poisoning, the team commander entrust geologist, Maya Gladstone, to find enough matrix crystals to power up their spacecraft, so they can go home to Earth. Vach Namaste of the powerful Clan Namaste, a native of the planet, has desired the lovely Maya since she stepped off the spaceship on that astonishing day a year ago. He’s hounded her every step since. As Hymeneal Night approaches, he makes plans to take her as his bride… willing or not. 
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Tina Donahue said...

Great excerpt, Janice! :)

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful share! I can see why you love this series of yours!

Rose Gorham said...

Enjoyed the excerpt, Janice!

jean hart stewart said...

I like this guy...I imagine the heroine does too..

Cara Marsi said...

I love the excerpt. Thanks, Janice.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Tina, Thank you.

Hi Melissa, I do, they're a lot of fun.

Hi Rose, Good, I'm glad.

Hi Jean, She does eventually. :)

Hi Cara, You're welcome and thank you.

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