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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Juggling Life & Writing

Juggling Life & Writing

            I’m a juggler. How about you? Do you sometimes feel you’ve got too many balls in the air and you’re about to lose them all?

Lately, my juggling has gotten out of control and the balls are falling all over my head. I’ve got too much going on and I’m having a hard time focusing. Here are all the balls I’m trying to keep airborne:

 Last fall, my critique group decided we’d each write an original short marriage-of-convenience story and put all five of them into a boxed set. Our stories are done, but due to setbacks, mostly the bad weather keeping us from meeting, the set, called The Marriage Coin, isn’t out yet. Someone is doing our formatting, but the uploading to the various retail sites falls to me as I’m the only one of the group who has published indie books. We’re pushing to release the book by the end of April.

I’m participating in another boxed set, this one with a total of seven authors. The grouping includes eight full-length romance novels. The authors are all bestselling and several are USA Today and NYT authors. Our collection, called Kick-Ass Heroines and Hot Heroes, is on sale at Amazon for a special introductory price of 99 cents. So get it at that price while you can. The link and cover are below. Each of us authors has taken responsibility for different phases of promotion. I love the books and am honored I was asked to participate. But, of course, that’s another ball in the air.


Continuing the boxed set trend, I’m also planning an anthology with two author friends. We’re putting together a total of three books, all set in the summer. We’re calling it Sizzling Summer. Although we’ve hired a cover artist and formatter, there was still work involved in getting our stories ready. And I will upload to the retail sites. I’m not complaining because I’ve uploaded so many of my own books that it’s not a problem. I’m excited about this set too. The other two authors are amazing writers. But, more balls in the air. This book should be published before the end of May. Cover below.

Then, there are the two books I’m trying to write through all this. I’ve finished the first draft of Book 3 in the Redemption series. I have to flesh out that story. Also, I’m expanding a very steamy short story into a novella for a publisher that has expressed interest.

On a personal note, I’m planning a trip to Las Vegas for my husband and me to visit our son and see his new house. Along with the usual household chores, I’m writing, getting together stories for the boxed sets, uploading said boxed sets, plus checking airlines, hotels, and rental cars. It’s enough to drive me to drink…more.

So, you see all my balls flying through the air and why I’m going just a little bit crazy. However, I recognize these are good things, and I’m not trying to make light of those with bigger problems. I’m busy, but I’m grateful for all I have. I’d just like to learn to relax.

How do you handle life when you’ve got too much going on? Any and all advice is appreciated. 


Melissa Keir said...

Oh your life sounds like mine. I think I'm not happy unless I have too many balls in the air! I'm always juggling life. Sometimes I'd love to rest and relax but I'd be bored quickly.

It all sounds so exciting and I love the box sets! I wish you all the best and of course, if you can fit me in the luggage for Vegas, I'm there!

Tina Donahue said...

Wow, you have been busy. Congrats on all your success. Love the cat photos. :)

Judy Baker said...

Congrats on all you box sets and great sales. Love the cat pictures. I really seem to get more done when I'm juggling. Thanks for sharing.

jean hart stewart said...

When I have too much going I make out a schedule of how to get it done. Might not stick to the schedule religiously, but just having it helps...Congratulations on all you success...

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, Melissa. Vegas will be a much-needed break.

Thanks, Tina. I don't know that I'd use the word success yet. I just hope all this hard work and stress translates to success at some future time.

Thanks, Judy. Not great sales yet, but there's always hope. At times I can get more done with juggling, but I'm feeling too much stress now.

Thanks for the advice, Jean. I try to to write to-do lists, but lately they haven't helped. I've got to focus more.

vicki batman said...

Wow, Cara, we haven't visited lately and you have really great news. Congratulations! I came back from a fun trip with Handsome and decided to take it easier. I've been doing some gardening and things around the house that had been neglected. I'm so proud of you.

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, Vicki. I'm ready to start taking it easier too.

Paris said...

Congratulations and best wishes for much success with your boxed sets! I'm in the Jean Stewart camp these days. I have to make out a schedule or I'd be lost:) Have a great time in Las Vegas!

Cara Marsi said...

Thank you, Paris!

Renee Vincent said...

Hey Cara, just letting you know I'm going to feature your boxed set in my newsletter on Monday!!

Love that boxed set theme!!!

And yep, your life sounds pretty much like mine. We could enter the circus with how proficient we are in "juggling"

Janice Seagraves said...

That's great. You got a lot going on. Congratulations on the boxed sets.

However, it might help if you made lists and check off what you've gotten done. I always have a great feeling of fulfillment once I'm able to mark things off my lists.


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