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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hello and Happy April Everyone! 

The month is the time to refresh, reclaim, refine. A third into the year, and I’m ready for Spring, and Easter, baseball season, paying taxes well maybe not paying taxes, and cleaning the house by airing it out. I’m ready to put the cold Winter behind me and look forward to the coming year. Since I just returned from Atlanta for a book signing along with about 125+ other authors, I met new authors, readers and reacquainted with fellow authors, I felt it was time to experience a personal cleaning out renewal. What about you?

For 2014, I’m planning on doing a lot of cleaning out and not necessarily my house. I mean cleaning up everything when it comes to writing. My laptop needs to clean those files out I’ve been collecting over the past couple of years. I have so many works in progress that I’m not sure if I’ll ever get them finished. I have a few edits coming up soon, a few more book signings to prepare for and two more books to write in a series. Spring is a time for renewal and I think I’ll look at this time as a way to renew my vision, my mission, for my writing career. A time to reassess my goals and look at my writing as a business and not a hobby, like something I do to occupy my time if the Internal Revenue man thinks of it that way.

I’ve taken classes, I’ve read a lot of blogs and articles by those successful in the business, and I’ve talked with other authors who have been where I am now. I have all the tools, but I haven’t instituted many of them. I think the problem is just doing it. Collecting is a good thing, for art and jewelry, but I have to do more. This industry seems to be on a fast-track of change. It’s evolving almost on a daily basis and it takes a lot of effort to keep up with all these changes. I hope I’m up for the challenge because I’m really getting too old for too many fast shifts.

Like what’s up with social networking lately? Has anyone else noticed the lack of participation on Yahoo Groups, or Facebook and forget Twitter. I’ve tried to do that and pretty much gave up. Is there a new social networking channel and I didn’t get the memo yet? Not sure if I’m techie enough to keep up. Maybe I’ll solicit for a personal assistant someday. Hmm.

Okay, enough for this month. I’d be interested to hear what everyone does for during this time of year. Do you reassess, renew and clean out?

As a heads up, I’ll be interviewing Lisa Renee Jones on April 7! Please make a point of stopping by. Oh and in May, I have Kerrelyn Sparks. Can I say, BIG fan girl here? So excited!!! Okay, I’m off to write into the wee hours.

Until next month,
Cynthia Arsuaga
Erotic Romance Author


Sandy said...

Cynthia, yes, I've noticed the lack of participation on the Yahoo Groups and Facebook. LinkedIn is pretty busy, and so is Google+.

Tina Donahue said...

Frankly, I'm SM'd out. It gets to be so much, there isn't time to write. And I have to wonder if anyone is reading all that stuff?

I still do it in the hopes that I'm reaching someone.

Judy Baker said...

Cynthia, at times I feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done...and, it's not writing! After releasing three books last year and one in January of this year, I decided to focus on marketing and networking. I've joined Linkedln and Google+, but still trying to figure out how to use them - like everything else and it take TIME - when do I write??? Good luck to us all.

Melissa Keir said...

I think that the social media bandwagon has changed. Blog hops and blog tours aren't getting the interest that they used to. The part I love about FB is that I can connect with friends who are authors and friends who are readers. :) For me, that's enough!

jean hart stewart said...

I certainly have no idea what works and what doesn't. I feel sometimes like I'm publishing into a void... I do like Facebook thought. Can keep up with friends and fans that way

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Thanks ladies! Nice to know I'm not the only one seeing these changes.

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