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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time for a Make-over?

Spring is for shaking things up, clearing out the clutter and starting fresh! Nothing makes me happier than a splash of color after all of the drab weather we've been having. If the flowers aren't coming up fast enough, I buy a new shade of lipstick that will go with my pj's or sweats while I work Okay, it's still cold and I'm trying to convince myself not to be grumpy. Lipstick helps, even when I have to wash it off my coffee cup.

I may even get crazy and book another massage this month. What, you thought I was buying nail polish to go with the lipstick? I'm hell on polish. I can't even keep it on my toes long enough for my husband to notice. No, I'm going for the massage.

Nothing like a relaxed attitude to spark new ideas. It might even help me decide on what color to paint my office. The lavender from a couple of years ago has started to look a little gray. I'm thinking something along the lines of vanilla cream with just enough yellow to brighten things up. Maybe I should get new curtains.

Of course, it's time to clean out some of the clutter that's accumulated over the course of my last writing project but that too is a signal that new beginnings are just around the corner. Okay, that part was about convincing myself that I really don't mind cleaning. 

I'd love to plant something but I'm afraid that I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe I'll just buy a photograph of some sunflowers and hang it in the office until the real ones bloom. Knowing me, that should be around the time the office is painted and the new curtains are hung. I know everyone is looking forward to warmer weather and sunnier days. What's on your spring agenda?

Until next month,

Paris Brandon


Sandy said...

Oh boy, Paris, I'm so ready for spring. A massage sounds mighty nice, too.

Paris said...

I think I'm getting so anxious because the weather has kept me inside for such long stretches this winter. A massage does sound nice, doesn't it:)

Cara Marsi said...

This has been the winter that never ends. I'm becoming a recluse because of the cold and snow. I am so ready for winter to be over. I need to unclutter a lot of things too.

Rose Anderson said...

I hear you on color. I'm hungry for green! And yes, a massage sounds fantastic. :)

Tina Donahue said...

A message does sound nice. Book me for one too. :)

Paris said...


The cold does seem to be lingering and today's gray skies aren't helping. Come on, spring!

Paris said...


I just propped a painting of flowers in a vase next to my monitor. I am determined:)

Paris said...


Yeah, the massage sounds heavenly:) I wonder if we could get a group deal, lol!

Adele Downs said...

I need some color, too. I absolutely cannot wait until I can walk the wooded trails near my home again. They've been snow covered most of the winter and I miss them.

Hurry, Spring!


jean hart stewart said...

I bought a multi-colored bird bath to help with out grey skies. Although the rain has been most welcome. Still, warmer air would be nice for everyone.

Paris said...


There's nothing like a relaxing walk in the woods when everything is starting to 'wake up'.

Paris said...


I love the idea of a birdbath but we have too many cats that run loose in my neighborhood. I'd need a very slick pedestal at least five or six feet tall. Maybe hubby will be up for a project:)

Melissa Keir said...

This winter has been so hard on everyone. We are stuck inside and feeling trapped. I feel horrible with the lack of sun and can't wait to feel it on my skin again.

We are also looking at painting some rooms. We've been in our home for a few years and need to have it done. :)

Paris said...


I think we'll all feel better once we're not so house-bound. I think it's time to start collecting paint chips for the new projects I'm planning:)

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