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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Crazy World of the Writer

Some of you may wonder, “What makes that writer tick?” I mean, I write in so many genres that people may think my head turns 360 degrees!  But, there is something that burns in all of us writers that needs to be expressed.

I find that my expression in different genres satisfies different facets of my personality. It seems I connect especially well in contemporary romance and have made the Amazon Bestselling Contemporary Romance Author list. Thank you, Unforgettable Heroes, the boxed set in which This Magic Moment made me a success! (thanks to Kim, my sister authors, and Turquoise Morning Press as well).

In just several months, I will have the book, The Widow James, a brand new romantic suspense, out in a brand new series about my hometown Lynchburg, Virginia. The romantic suspense genre suits me in a way the other don’t. There is something about the intricacies of weaving a tale that keeps the reader guessing who the villain is that tickles my fancy. The first three books in this series are also in first person, which ramps up the stakes when it comes to the reader guessing “who dun it.” This book will not disappoint, so get ready to hang on to your proverbial hat and your chair, because this book will rock your world—Guaranteed!

For now, if you haven’t taken advantage of Unforgettable Heroes, it’s only 99 cents for eight books, but inly until the end of the month! Come on! You pay more for a snack pack in a convenience store. This group of books is a lot more satisfying.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: writers work for the comments. We surely don’t do it for the money! Let me know what you think about what I write.


Bobbye Terry writes romantic comedies, cozy mysteries, suspense, fantasies and dystopian fiction. Her  latest work, The Widow James, will be released in late June 2014. Also check out her audiobooks, including Rose, writing as herself and It’s Magic, writing as Daryn Cross. The sequel, This Magic Moment, will be out soon.  For more about Bobbye, visit her at


jean hart stewart said...

Certainly agree a writer's world is crazy. Up, down, up. down... no wonder we're all dizzy half the time. Gotta get that 99cent set. What a deal!

Bobbye Terry said...

Hope you like the set, Jean! Thanks for commenting,

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats on your success! We do write for peanuts and the praise we get from fans. It means a lot to connect with someone. :)

Janice Seagraves said...

Comments fed the writer's soul, so does praise.
We work for so little, don't we.
Good luck with your latest release. I wish you many sales.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Hey, Bobbye, nice to see you here. I enjoy different genres, too, depending on my mood. I believe it's good for us to change it up so we don't become stale. Best wishes for your continued success!

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