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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Men's Underwear and Wall Street: BRIEFONOMICS

I swear I saw this discussed on a TV news channel and thought I just had to write a blog about it!

According to the commentator, a good sign for the economy is when more men's underwear is sold. A spike in boxer and briefs sales coincides with a jump in the Dow Jones number and a good indicator that the economy will improve. creative mind wondered about men's undies. Does that mean men keep using the same ones for years and don't see the need to buy new ones unless they feel the economy is gonna get better? Is it a male thing about not making unnecessary purchases until money issues seem solvent? Maybe only then would they splurge on new undies.

Totally unlike women.

Sorry, fellas...we women need new underwear on a constant basis. What woman doesn't always want to look her best and feel "hot" under her matter what economic crisis is looming in front of us? We want to look and feel sexy for the love of our life, and sexy bras and panties are our solution.

Women will buy fancy, sexy underwear in all economic times...good and bad. It's a mindset thing for us. Plus, we keep the companies that produce these items in business, thus keeping our own sector of the stock market (hopefully) in the black.

Hmm. Maybe now I'll have to start looking for a company that makes men's briefs and boxers and buy some stock. Of course, I'll have to check the numbers and see if sales are on a rise and raising the company's status. Any suggestions? Fruit of the Loom? Hanes?

In my erotic romance book, Strip Poker for Two by April Ash, there are a few references to the hero's underwear...before he removes them! Some fancy designs; enticing for the heroine (who, by the way, helped him choose the underwear on a shopping trip!
From the book:
She focused on his boxers, one of the ones she’d picked out for him. Cute little devils with pitchforks pointed to the flap opening... “Nice underwear. You have good taste.”

He bent over and picked up his pants. “Nope, not me. I have an excellent dresser. How about another glass of wine?”

“Sure. Are you ready for a second hand? I deal this time.” She batted her eyelashes. “Get ready to lose your devils.”

So-o-o, buying your favorite man some underwear can help the economy...and spark your interest in reading romance books. After writing this, I think it's time to buy my husband more boxers. Maybe I can be helpful and be part of the movement to spur the stock market upward.

Ladies everywhere...go buy your men undies and help the US economy!

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Sandy said...

LOL Cute blog, Marianne. I buy my husband more new underwear than I buy for myself.

Tina Donahue said...

LOL - great blog, Marianne. :)

Melissa Keir said...

That's an interesting fact about men's briefs and the economy. I do seriously think that men will wear out their underwear and wait until they are so full of holes before they shop. Funny because there are things that they shop for and spend time on.. beer..sporting goods, etc. But when it comes to their own needs, those are just grab and go.

Cara Marsi said...

Such a fun blog. Interesting fact about the economy and men's briefs. I agree with Melissa that men will wait until their underwear is full of holes before replacing them.

Nicole Morgan said...

You had me at men's underwear! ;)

jean hart stewart said...

Love this!!!!

Gemma Juliana said...

I enjoyed this, Marianne. Sounds like women fuel the economy with underwear purchases! In fact, this entire underwear argument makes as much sense to me as economics in general. Thanks for making me smile.

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