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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guest Blog: Reader Dawn Roberto: Read-aholic!

I am a read-aholic and proud of it.

I love books, be it print books I can hold in my hands or an e-book I can read on my e-reader or computer. Books take me away to far off places, be it a harem, a pirate ship or a castle. I have a ton of favorite authors that I can list from here to doomsday yet every day I find new ones that I add to the list.

Books give me a chance to explore places, events and other items I may never experience in my life. Because face it, I really don’t think a space pirate will steal me off to far off planets. J I can dream, can’t I? *laughs*

With the explosion of e-books, I am finding more books I can shake a stick at. New authors, publishers and I am in my utter glory. There is something of walking-or browsing online-a bookstore and exploring what is out there in whatever genre may spark my imagination.

I can’t help being a read-aholic…the characters, the stories and the chance to be someone else for once drives me to gorge myself on whatever catches my fancy. Right now I am enthralled with MM stories. It doesn’t matter what genre…well let me rephrase that…any genre except horror *shudders*, that I find totally captivating. I fell in love with Patricia Logan, Xavier Axelson, Johnny Miles, Silvia Violet, DC Juris, Andrew Grey, AJ Llewellyn, and a host of other wonderful MM authors. I don’t care if the story involves two men (or more *smiles*) as long as I am drawn into the story, into the characters lives and am invested in their relationship. *shrugs*

To me, if an author can make me feel the characters emotions then I am hooked on their work. I love reading and lately I am finding lots of great books in the MM genre. Lots of new authors to explore plus so many stories to choose from, it’s a wonder I ever get any work done at my day job.

( I don’t stalk them at all. I am a very dedicated fan of their work….*giggles as fingers are crossed behind back*)

My honey says I have a fetish for this type of book. Who doesn’t like seeing two (or more) hot sexy guys go at it? I know, for me, that is one of life’s littlest pleasures. J Granted I am a straight woman in a loving relationship, there is something about MM books that leaves me wanting more…to read I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter, people. *grins*

I can’t pin point when I fell in love with this type of book but I know that, gradually, I have found my reading tastes have leaned further this way than a mix of MF stories that I normally have. I think this is because so many of my favorite authors are having books that appeal to me in some way-be it the genre crossing, emotional storylines or some intriguing characters that steal my heart.

I can’t help this addiction. It’s a compulsion I don’t want to end. There are too many wonderful authors I need to read and explore. Now if only I could find the time to read them all….*sighs*

Dawn Roberto is the owner of the LR Café yahoo loop and enjoys a good book or two on her downtime, what little there is anyways. Dawn enjoys giving support to all authors-GBLT or not-the chance to get their books out to readers and enjoys pimping her favorites to friends. 

You can find her at the following places:
Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog:

Dawn loves to hear from readers and you can contact her at


Sandy said...

Dawn's Yahoo Group is one of the groups I can't get to anymore because of the changes at Yahoo. I do receive special notices once in a while.

Thank you for joining us Romance Books 4 Us, Dawn. I have found some M/M books interesting, and since we have a gay couple across the street from us it's a learning experience. At one time, one partner suffered abuse from his lover. He took him back, which is not so different from a straight couple.

Cara Marsi said...

Good blog, Dawn. I share your book addiction, but I don't have as much time to read anymore. I haven't read any MM books but I did read a very emotional MM love scene that was posted on a blog and really enjoyed it. I can still get into your Yahoo group, thankfully.

Melissa Keir said...

I'm Melissa and I too am a book addict! Dawn, you have been a wonderfully supportive part of authors everywhere! I'm so glad that you are here on RB4U and are sharing your newest passion. I also am falling for the MM books. There is something about two hot guys... now if only I can convince hubby that I need two husbands, I will be in heaven.

Nicole Morgan said...

WHAT?!? You are a read-aholic, Dawn? I'm so shocked! ;) Seriously though... so glad you're joining us here today. I've enjoyed your posts and yahoo group for years now. I myself also have read quite a few MM books which are down right hot and sexy so I completely understand! :)

jean hart stewart said...

I'll bet everybody on this loop is a book addict....good to hear you are too, Dawn.. although I'm hardly surprised.

Jill Hughey said...

I was at a book event recently where Jane Wakely explained to me that the main audience for MM stories are women just like you, Dawn. I had no idea, and I haven't explored the genre yet, but you go, girl! Keep on reading!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Dawn! So nice to have you here. I am a book addict too. I love historicals, romantic comedy (what I write!), great mysteries, and other stuff just for fun. I can't imagine not reading as it is my best friend.

Dawn Roberto said...

Hi everyone, thanks so much for commenting.

@Sandy...I hate the new yahoo right now. Talk about annoyances galore. *growls*

I adore MM Romance be it in a historical, paranormal, contemporary or other genres.

@Cara Marsi...thanks for coming on by and some of the best emotional stories I have read lately are by MM authors. *sighs happily*

@Melissa Keir...two husbands? WOW I am in awe if you can manage it. lol I can barely keep up with my one honey.

@Nicole Morgan...I know right?! Ther eis just something about them that makes me goo 'OOOOOHHHHHH!!'

@Jean Hart Stewart..I know *sighs dramatically* If you look in my house all you see are bookcases in the dining and living room lol...I tell people they are there for conversation pieces *giggles*

@Jill thanks for stopping and I love sharing my love of reading. I read just about anything though Horror and Stephen King are on my no read list. lol One book of Mr. King's left me huddled in the corner all night with all the lights on. Yeah so not going to have that happen again. nice to meet you. I love reading because it takes me places I may never get to in my lifetime or places long gone by. Something so magical about books that transports me. :-)

Molly Daniels said...

*raises hand* My name is Molly and I'm a readaholic...I read my first MM books a few years back, never dreaming I'd soon be hooked on them:) But my first love is Contemporary, though I'll read just about anything if it sounds good.

Paris said...

Hi Dawn,

Welcome to RB4U! I share your reading addiction. I also share your passion for M/M romance. Have you ever read any of Josh Lanyon's work? His Adrien English mystery series is wonderful (I think I've read it 3 times) I can also recommend "Fair Game" (Carina) and oh, the list goes on and on:)

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Is there a twelve step program for us readaholics? If there was I doubt seriously if we'd attend. hahaha. Great post Dawn. Your Yahoo group was one of the very first I joined when I began writing and subsequently was published. Thanks again for joining us.

Molly Daniels said...

Forgot to mention; LRC was also my 1st major chat loop; joined in 2007. WOW that seems so long ago!

Suzanne Rock said...

Thanks for joining us here, Dawn. It's great to see you! :) I agree with Jean, I think we're all book addicts, lol. I have a soft spot for paranormals, and read all types of pairings (menage, M/F and M/M). I tend to go in spirts as to the type of pairing. Thanks for stopping by!

Gail Bridges said...

Dawn - I loved your post. I grew up with my nose in a book too, with my father telling me that it wasn't okay to eat dinner with an open book on my lap! Thank you for sharing your story.

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