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Sunday, October 13, 2013

On the Road

When this goes live, I'll be away at Pandoracon in Cincinnati. A lot of my fellow Ellora's Cave writers will be in Akron, for Romanticon. Meanwhile, I'm starting to line things up for next year: ConFusion (Detroit) in January, Steampunk Empire Symposium (Cinci)  in April, Romantic Times (New Orleans) in May, and Up in the Aether (Detroit), in later May or early June.

There are so many conventions out there, how does an author--or a reader, for that matter--decide which ones to go to? And, since what I write crosses genre boundaries, how do I decide between SF/steampunk and romance? It's a balancing act, that's for sure.

First, although I loved going to Romanticon to meet fellow Ellora's Cave writers and fans, it just didn't strike me as practical since I'm not focusing as much on that aspect of my career. Pandoracon is a new one for me, but they had a great program for small press authors, and the husband wanted to go too. That's part of the deal. He goes to SF. He doesn't go to romance cons. So I like to limit those, since it means leaving him behind. I really wasn't planning on RT this coming year, but was talked into it by my roommate. What I love about RT, is the wide range of people you meet, from all aspects of the industry.

Steampunk specific cons, are more about the costuming than the books. I go to those for fun, not to sell books.Whole different paradigm. The spouse and I get to play dress up together, and if I make a few useful contacts, or get to be on a panel or two, all the better. But the goal is fun.

So do you go to conventions? If so which ones and why? Since this aspect is ever-changing for me, I really would like to know!


Sandy said...

Cindy, I used to go to conferences, but not anymore. I belonged to RWA, and I went to their conferences to learn by going to their workshops, but they became repetitive.

The last time I went to an RWA conference it was for the contacts, and I had the most fun that time. I met up with on-line friends and enjoyed getting to know them. We are still in contact.

Melissa Keir said...

I'm learning about conferences. I want to go to ones that will accept epub authors. So many are still focused on the big names and the print books.

You gave me some new ones to consider. It does help that they are close to home!

Have fun!!

jean hart stewart said...

Have fun...your costumes will be the this of the convention....

Molly Daniels said...

I loved going to RT for the book signing last year in Chicago, and RomCon seems such fun! I'm still trying to get to that one.

Money and timing is mainly the reason I haven't attended more. I would dearly love to, for the networking and to hang out with and MEET the authors who have taught me so much over the years, yourself included:)

When I mentioned RT was being held in NOLA next year, the hubby perked up, so maybe that's doable? I wanted so much to go to Kansas City last year, but circumstances dictated otherwise.

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