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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Matchmaker or Matchmaker Recipient?

Have you every tried matchmaking for a friend? Set up a blind date, hoping that the two would "click" as a couple?

Have you ever been matched with someone by a friend/family member/agency? Did it work?

Matchmaking has been around for centuries, and some cultures still practice it today...and some practices leave the two individuals to be matched little say in their options.

Authors have used the theme of matchmaking in their books.
Jane Austen  created her heroine, matchmaker Emma Woodhouse, in her book "Emma"  in 1816.
Debbie Macomber wrote a series of matchmaking books titled "The Matchmakers".

Famous matchmaking movie: Hello Dolly.
Matchmaker Dolly is seeking a wife for wealthy Horace Vandergelder, but decides to match him with herself.

And TV shows have been based on matching couples:
The Bachelor.
The Bachelortette.
The Match Game 1962-1969).
The Millionaire Matchmaker (Patty Stangler) is an ongoing show now, and I admit I'm hooked. It's amazing to see who wants a match and the whole process Patty organizes.

I tried matching two friends, but it didn't work. A friend tried matching me to someone, but that didn't work. So, I wrote a book about a matchmaker who uses her special ESP gift to match couples, because I'm convinced "extra special help" is needed in any matchmaking venture!

 In "Second Sight Dating", Serena runs a dating agency using her ESP ability to match couples. It works for her customers, but her one attempt to match herself was a failure. Into her office walks Dan, and she's immediately attracted to him. Matches for him take unlikely turns.

Is it because she wants him for herself? Or, is there something suspicious about him? Could it be that the fact that he's a detective investigating her agency is scrambling her ESP senses about him?

I had fun writing this. Also laughed at one comment a reader made: she worked for a dating service and said a dating service wouldn't "work" like Serena's agency. I still shake my head and wonder what part of "this book is a FICTIONALIZE, PARANORMAL romance" this woman missed. Of course "Second Sight Dating" wouldn't "work" as she expected it to!

Do you have stories about Matchmaking...good and bad?


Tina Donahue said...

Set up a couple of friends in college - didn't work out - didn't try it again.

Rose Anderson said...

I've played matchmaker for four couples. Most have been successful. Alas one is getting divorced after 43 years.

Janice Seagraves said...

I've never played match maker. My husband did and so did my daughter. It doesn't always work.

I can see the way it would fit very nicely into a romance though. :)


jean hart stewart said...

Never tried it but have three friends who used a dating service on line and are happily married. Sounds like an excellent topic for a book.

Sandy said...

I haven't tried to be a matchmaker because I don't want to be blamed for failures. lol This was a fun story to read, Marianne.

Melissa Keir said...

I've not played matchmaker. Although my hubby and I were sort of matched up by his ex-wife. She mentioned to him that I was single and he immediately decided to "chat" with me.

The book sounds so exciting. I would love to have some ESP. As far as that person who left the comment... they don't understand that fiction is NOT real. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Marianne, I recently set up a cousin with a friend of mine. Didn't work. My friend fell hard for my cousin but he wasn't interested. When I was young my aunt tried to set me up with a young man she knew. Didn't work. Matchmaking rarely works, but a psychic matchmaker like in your story, that works. Sounds like a great story.

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